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Level One plus Triple Advanced Natural Hearing Improvement 2, 3 & 4 (USA)

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  • The Foundation Level 1 Program
  • Plus Advanced levels 2, 3 and 4 for Natural Hearing Improvement
  • Includes four six-hour listening programs
  • For all ear and hearing related issues, including tinnitus
  • Support materials
  • Open earbuds
  • Lightweight headphone
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  • Listening Foundation Level One Program on microSD card (4 albums, 6 hours of music)
  • Natural Hearing Improvement Series Levels 2, 3 and 4 on microSD card (12 albums, 18 hours of music)
  • USB adaptor, so you can transfer files from microSD card to your computer
  • Open earbuds (so you can listen while conversing with others)
  • Lightweight headband on-ear headphone
  • Sound Therapy book
  • Workbooks for all 4 programs


The Programs

Level One Listening Foundation Program

This package starts with the Level One Listening Foundation Program and progresses through Levels Two, Three and Four of the Natural Hearing Improvement Series.

The unique activation and filtering of the music, based on the ground-breaking techniques developed by Dr Tomatis, delivers a powerful therapeutic program for the ears and brain.

Our Sound Therapy programs are now provided on microSD card so that you can load the music onto any device you wish, such as a phone, computer, tablet or music player such as iPod or MP3 player—as long as the device will play WAV files. Instructions for transferring the music from the microSD card are found in our FAQ section on our website.

The Listening Foundation Program is the required starting place for new listeners, in order to condition the nervous system in the first few weeks of listening. The level of filtering gradually increases as you work through the four albums, progressively training the ear.

Learn more about the Listening Foundation Program music and workbook.

Natural Hearing Improvement Series Level 2: Building Ear-Brain Connections Program

This program is intended for use after 3 months of listening to the Level One Listening Foundation Program. In the Building Ear-Brain Connections albums, newly developed recording techniques have been used which are more subtle but also more effective.

The Building Ear Brain Connections Program is a marvellous combination of subtle and varied techniques which gently stretches and enhances your ear function in different ways. Each album addresses a different aspect of hearing, working both on the ear itself and the auditory brain pathways.

Learn more about the Building Ear Brain Connections Program music and workbook.

Natural Hearing Improvement Series Level 3: Audio Activation Program

Intended for use after Level 2 of the Natural Hearing Improvement Series, this program introduces new techniques not previously used in Sound Therapy recordings.

  • Selections specifically target parts of the auditory system that require greater stimulation.
  • Certain selections are reinforced with a dual filtering process. A gently filtered passage is overlaid with a very stimulating and highly filtered track.
  • This results in the ear being opened and the relevant brain centres being stimulated simultaneously.

Take your ears stimulation to the next level to help restore their responsiveness. This program is helpful for enhancing high frequency perceptions and improving vestibular system function and balance and for stubborn hearing loss or tinnitus following industrial noise exposure.

When the ear has been damaged sound impulses are not reaching the brain correctly. This sensory deprivation can lead to further degradation of our experience of hearing. The Audio Activation Program is designed to re-activate both the ear itself and the audio-neural connections.

Recent research has shown that high frequency sounds cause the stirrup muscle to move in a different way, introducing a new type of stimulation to the auditory pathways in the brain.

Learn more about the Audio Activation Program music and workbook.

Natural Hearing Improvement Series Level 4: Listening Pleasure Program

Intended for use after Natural Hearing Improvement Level 3, this program introduces new techniques not previously used in Sound Therapy recordings.

  • The music is blended with nature sounds, giving you the calming emotional impact of being in nature amongst frogs, birds and running water, the natural environment our ears have evolved to enjoy.
  • Selections specifically designed to create integration between different brain pathways and sensory systems.
  • Within each recording, the high frequencies are subtly augmented without disrupting the enjoyment of the full sound.

Learn more about the Listening Pleasure Program music and workbook.


Also in your package


Two different styles of headphones are included in this package:

Sennheiser Open Earbuds: These are the most popular style of earbud used by most Sound Therapy listeners. They deliver the good quality sound required for the program. They are suitable for Sound Therapy as you can still hear surrounding sound while wearing them, meaning you can use the program during normal daily activities, including having a conversation or watching TV.

Moki Lightweight Headband on-ear headphones: These are very easy to put on and feel so light you can forget you are wearing them. They are a good alternative for any times when you do not want to use an earbud, and are preferred by some listeners. They also include a very convenient inline volume control so you can easily adjust the volume on the go.

Sound Therapy book

This best-selling book tells the fascinating story of Patricia Joudry’s transformation through Sound Therapy and how the program has helped thousands to recover from a host of ear related conditions. The book equips you to be your own therapist, saving thousands of dollars you would pay for other clinic-based treatments.


Learn more about the workbooks for Level One Listening Foundation Program, Building Ear Brain Connections Program, Audio Activation Program and Listening Pleasure Program.


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