Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)
and Sound Therapy

How Sound Therapy builds and creates new brain pathways using brain plasticity to restore function and sensory processing after brain damage

The term “Traumatic brain injury” (TBI) covers a complex spectrum of injuries with a wide range of possible symptoms and disabilities. The impact on a person and his or her family can be devastating.

Initially, the family needs to transition from shock and despair at the time of a brain injury to a new phase of coping and problem-solving.

Since our identity – who we are—is defined by our brain, the impact of a brain injury can affect all aspects of our lives, including our personality. A brain injury is very different from an injury to other parts of the body, such as a broken limb, because it changes your personality and mental abilities.

Brain injuries do not heal like other injuries. However, the good news is that a certain level of recovery may be achievable because of brain plasticity.

“Our daughter had a bicycle accident last spring, smashed her head on the pavement, and had two fractures to the head as well as brain concussion. The diagnosis was that she would never speak, walk, or...”

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TBI may be mild or severe.

Mild TBI can have symptoms like headaches, difficulty thinking and concentrating, loss of memory, frustration and mood swings

Severe TBI ranges from impairment of higher level thinking ability right through to coma. Survivors of severe TBI may have difficulty controlling arms or legs, abnormal speech and language, emotional problems or loss of the ability to think.

When brain damage has occurred there are certain things a person can no longer do. This is because certain brain circuits are dormant, but at the same time, others may be hyperactive. People may become very sensitive to loud sound or light or other stimuli. What is needed is to rebalance the brain and bring everything back to a more normal response rate.

“I have shaky hands, particularly the left one. When I play bridge I usually have to hold my cards with both hands (esp. if I am playing for a slam!). The past week or so I have not had the shakes and ...”

Hannah Shein – Israel - Read More

How Sound Therapy can help recovery from brain injury

After brain damage caused by injury, there is always a chance of recovery to varying degrees. Sound Therapy is an intervention which may increase the probability of a faster and more total recovery. The sooner it is introduced after the injury or stroke, the greater the likelihood of healing. Some stroke patients who use Sound Therapy have been seen to make an unexpectedly quick recovery, often with functioning returned to a surprisingly high level.

After brain damage, the brain is faced with having to develop new pathways or re-route information to compensate for the damaged area. It has been proven that sensory stimulation can assist in developing new pathways. Sound Therapy is an intensive form of stimulation which is very easy to administer. Therefore Sound Therapy may be effective in helping to create new brain pathways and reforming essential connections between more distant parts of the brain. The complex, multilayered harmonic and melodic information within the classical music stimulates many parts of the brain, helping to build form and structure which assists with various forms of sensory processing.

Sound Therapy is thought to improve integration in the cerebellum, an area near the brain stem which controls many automatic functions and overall sensory and motor integration. The filtering which causes sudden bursts of high-frequency sound stimulates increased firing of neurons. When a neuron fires, it sends a message to other neurons in both chemical and electrical form. Often the process of firing off a message also creates new inter-neuronal connections called dendrites or axons. This means that using Sound Therapy may build new brain connections, increasing the neural network. This is exactly what is needed to recover from a stroke or brain damage.

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