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Accelerate your child’s potential

As a parent, your children’s successful development is your most important priority. There is no greater reward than seeing your child excel and succeed in life. You no doubt want to give your children every possible assistance to fulfill their potential.

When a child is gifted or doing exceptionally well, you can see that they might achieve something really special in life. However they still have challenges fitting in and finding their rightful place in the world, and this is where Sound Therapy can be of help.

Sound Therapy is recommended for all children including highly gifted children and will assist the development of good learning and study abilities, just as exercise helps to develop balance, strength and muscular coordination. The ear and the auditory cortex are vitally important centers for learning, communication and higher brain function. Sound Therapy is an easy way to input a very positive stimulus that will help to maximize your child’s potential.

“I listened to Sound Therapy while pregnant with both of my children, and have used it off and on with them ever since, to give them a helping hand with their development. My older daughter (currently ...”

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Today children need extra support to develop their auditory function because they are affected by many detrimental environmental factors. The world is noisier than ever, so a child’s ears are bombarded with a lot of loud and damaging sounds before they have fully developed. Environmental toxins also lead to poor immunity, infections and sensitivities which impact on many children’s development. Sound Therapy is the perfect brain training program to complement good nutrition, good education and a loving environment. The complex rhythms and harmonies of classical music train the brain to think conceptually and improve intelligence. This effect is augmented significantly by the special Sound Therapy filtering used in the recordings.

To gain an in-depth understanding of how to accelerate your child’s potential with Sound Therapy, you may like to read Rafaele Joudry’s book, Why Aren’t I Learning?

Gifted Children

Giftedness is traditionally defined as having an IQ higher than 130.  This is manifested as an intellectual capacity beyond that expected for the age of the child.  It also points to having the potential to achieve highly in both childhood and adulthood.

Giftedness may also include a different type of sensory responsiveness. For example, heightened sensitivity to touch, hearing, sight, smell and taste.

The gifted person experiences life events differently to others and will put their own unique interpretations on life events.  They will have different perceptions of reality and different emotional responses and consequently, are likely to do things differently as well.

This presents challenges in some situations for children in the school system.

Gifted Children and Sound Therapy

Gifted children, and in fact all children, can benefit from Sound Therapy, which is simply a way of providing added stimulus to develop and increase the resilience of the auditory system. It can be used to improve concentration, creative thinking, language skills, sleep, moods, energy levels, and to reduce stress.

Just as children need the stimulation of physical exercise, somersaults, roundabouts, swings and other coordination challenges, they benefit from the stimulation of the vestibular and auditory systems that Sound Therapy provides.

“As a teacher of languages, I use the Accelerate Method, which imitates the natural way we learnt as children in a relaxed and fun-filled atmosphere.  It makes it easy for a student to think in the ne...”

Hera Sandison, South Australia - Read More

Gifted children and learning difficulties

Some gifted children learn more easily through other senses other than the auditory sense. Because such children may not learn well in a traditional classroom, they can sometimes perform considerably below their mental age. Therefore these children may be classed as learning disabled, may fall behind in their studies and become disruptive in group situations.

However, such problems may be hard to identify. Gifted children usually develop self-taught strategies for circumventing their deficit, so do not always demonstrate the typical characteristics of a learning or sensory integration problem.

In the classroom, gifted children who have a sensory processing problem will often use visual clues to determine what is required of them. Such children often understand much of the subject matter taught in class, having already studied it using computers or reference books at home. Therefore teachers may not notice that the child is unable to follow their verbal teaching. Children may become clever at guessing what the teacher wants from their prior learning or other observations. Alternatively, they may just withdraw from participation into their own world, or exhibit disruptive behavior.

Sound Therapy has been found to enhance learning and life adjustment for gifted children in the following ways.

  • Processing of auditory information improved
  • Processing speed improved
  • Accurate sound detection – able to discern just noticeable differences in sounds
  • Clarity of speech perception and articulation enhanced
  • Discrimination of relevant sound form background noise
  • Improved memory for complex sound patterns
  • Better attention to sound
  • Improved coordination and sensory integration

When Sound Therapy brings about change in the basic auditory pathways, the effect has a flow-on effect to the higher neural levels, eventually reaching and improving academic abilities.

Sound Therapy has been found to improve not only auditory processing but also motor coordination, visual perception, visual/motor skills and time order processing.

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