Our memory enables us to participate at all levels of life and is the essence of who we are.

Why is memory important?

Memory is important in everything we do, be it learning a new skill, performing in a job or carrying on relationships. Having a good memory makes life easier, from going shopping, finding things around the house, showing people we care and accessing knowledge and information that we need. Over a period of years, as we age, memory normally becomes less sharp. This is frustrating and can be concerning and worrying, especially in this age where dementia is increasing everywhere.

How memory works

We now know that memories are formed with involvement from many different parts of the brain. The brain works like a hologram, so memories are mapped using many different brain centers. However, certain parts of the brain are more specifically involved with memory. For instance, the hippocampus has been identified as being a primary storage center for memories, something like a filing cabinet.

When new memories are formed, firing of brain circuits actually creates new pathways, which are stored for reactivation when needed. So forming memories is actually building the brain. This is because our brains are plastic, so new structures and functional circuits can be formed in response to any stimulation, including thinking.

“Since listening to Sound Therapy my stress and anxiety are greatly reduced, while my memory, concentration and energy are greatly increased. After taking Tamoxifen (an anti-cancer drug) for 1 month...”

Hera Sandison, South Australia, Linguist - Read More

How to enhance your memory

Everyone is naturally concerned about keeping their memory functioning as well as possible for as long as possible. The advice we are given on supporting the memory is to exercise, eat a healthy diet, do brain training exercises and take up new forms of study like music, languages or doing puzzles. This is all very good sound advice. Some even better “sound” advice is that we can actually stimulate the brain with sound!

All of the above activities help to form new memories and train the brain as they activate circuits through new learning and engagement. However, we can also build brain circuits through sensory stimulation, and one of the most effective and enjoyable ways of doing this is with music. But not just any music. Classical music has been shown to have a particularly powerful and lasting effect on brain activation due to its complex harmonic structure.

“Being visually impaired, the seventh sense to me is the memory. I use my memory for everything. Whether it’s what I’m going to talk about, a phone number, someone’s name, a shopping list, appoin...”

Narelle Russell—Farmer, Narooma - Read More

Sound Therapy music takes the process to a whole new level. Sound Therapy music has been processed with a series of dynamic filters which stimulate a particular response in the ears and the whole auditory pathways, involving parts of the brain stem, central processing mechanisms and the auditory cortex. In fact, at least ten different brain centers have been found which respond to different aspects of music. There is no brain training process which is so effortless and produces such a powerful result as Sound Therapy for enhancing memory.

Retraining the brain requires repetitive, regular stimulation, just like building new muscles. This is why an activity that can be done passively and practiced for several hours a day without requiring any effort or time, is so effective for achieving real and significant results.

Whether it is word recall, learning a new skill, remembering daily events or actually wanting to treat the early signs of age-related memory loss, Sound Therapy has been proven to be an effective and powerful tool to help enhance your memory.

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