Musical Ability and Sound Therapy

How Sound Therapy enhances musical ability and voice by assisting hearing, tonal perception, high-frequency sensitivity, and posture.

If you work in a musical field, whether it is composing, playing an instrument or singing, Sound Therapy is a great way to increase your abilities and satisfaction in this area. Musicians, singers, composers and music lovers report increased auditory perception, greater awareness of tones, frequencies and the emotional impact of music.

At the same time, performance is enhanced. Whether you sing in the church choir or perform as a soloist, Sound Therapy is likely to give you both increased ability and enjoyment of your art. The ability to reproduce certain notes, to be inspired to create and interpret, or just to enjoy listening, are all lifted to new heights.

“I'm thrilled with the results.  I teach a lot better than I was - I teach violin. I was a professional musician for 30 years. Now I just play for pleasure. I feel more connected with what I'm doing ...”

Alan Foster – NSW - Read More

This is not surprising since the sense of listening is fundamental to musical performance and appreciation. If part of the listening capacity has diminished over time, musical abilities must necessarily be impaired. Improving the listening capacity will enhance both the physical ability to perform and the emotional response to appreciate music.

Of course, it is normal that enhancing and opening up the high-frequency hearing would improve our musical perceptions and performance. People have told us that they enjoy a new appreciation and joy in music. Musicians often tell us that they listen to Sound Therapy while practicing! This seems strange, but the brain is capable of handling many layers of complexity. In fact, the way that Sound Therapy affects the brain puts you in a better and more perceptive state to be able to produce music with greater awareness.

At the basic level of improved hearing, Sound Therapy has meant for some of our listeners that they could rejoin the choir as it restored their ability to hear their own voice and be able to hear the choirmaster! While for others it promoted a deep, internal opening and reconnection to their own musical muse.

“I have played flute for many years but since listening to Sound Therapy, my tone has a richer quality and my singing voice is purer with richer harmonics. I keep wondering how could this be? Is it my ...”

Jocelyn Bealt – New Zealand - Read More

Sound Therapy works on the listening capacity in several ways. The physical structures of the ear are stimulated to enhance their performance. Auditory pathways in the brain are activated, making processing of auditory information faster and more efficient, and the emotional psyche is opened on new levels by the process of sonic birth that is stimulated through the high-frequency filtering. It is known that classical music, in particular, simulates at least ten different centers in the brain. These include centers for melody, harmony, rhythm, emotional meaning etc. So because of its direct action on many deeper levels of the nervous system via the middle ear muscles and the vagus nerve, the all of these aspects of music will be enlivened and connected when you are listening to Sound Therapy. No wonder music is so effective at enhancing our performance and wellbeing in so many ways.


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After 26 years in the Sound Therapy field, we really understand the importance of high-frequency perception for musicians and what it means to enhance their tonal perception and performance ability. Every week we hear from our listeners thanking us for the new benefits they have experienced. Listeners have reported very dramatic changes in the way they appreciate and perform in their musical fields through using this method.

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