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Health is a choice we all make every day, but it doesn’t have to be a chore to be healthy. Simply changing some of our shopping habits can make all the difference.

Feeling great and having your family in good health is the most basic essential for life. Nothing else matters more than your health.

Today our health is closely linked to our environment. Noise, smells, chemicals, food intolerance, stress and air pollution all affect our health.

Rafaele Joudry, Founder and Director Sound Therapy International

““For several decades I have been using natural health, organic food, toxin-free products and quality supplements to improve my health. For me it has made all the difference in the world, helping my ...”

Rafaele Joudry, Founder and Director Sound Therapy International - Read More

What is Environmental Health?

Toxins from the environment can enter and build up in our bodies, making us sick without knowing why. Today there are over 86,000 chemicals in our environment which may affect our health. This is why environmental health is a particular passion of mine. I want to help people be healthier, even in a complex and often toxic world. This is not so hard to do when you know how!

At Sound Therapy International we believe in empowering people to take care of their health naturally, at home. We provide tools, products and information to make this easy to do. In addition to helping with ear and brain health, having good nutritional supplementation and safe products for the home and bathroom can help with many health conditions. These may include learning difficulties, digestive issues, bone and joint pain, heart health, memory, tinnitus and dizziness to name just a few.

“Being visually impaired, the seventh sense to me is the memory. I use my memory for everything. Whether it’s what I’m going to talk about, a phone number, someone’s name, a shopping list, appoin...”

Narelle Russell—Farmer, Narooma - Read More

For several decades I have been using natural health, organic food, toxin-free products and quality supplements to improve my health. For me it has made all the difference in the world, helping my immunity, energy, hormone balance, headaches, joint pain and digestion. My better health has allowed me to be more successful in my business and therefore to help many other people, like you!

The resources you can find through this page will share with you the tools that have helped me and hundreds of our listeners. Check out the recommended reading and audio lectures. I also invite you to investigate a top quality product range I use and recommend, made by Modere. You can learn about and order the products online HERE or call us for more information.

Why Modere?

Modere makes products which are safe and effective. They guarantee not to use any of the 3,000 potentially harmful ingredients identified by their scientific advisory board. No other company today has such a guarantee or such a track record of 25 years in researching and formulating safety conscious products. All this is available for you.

“"My son Jason, has benefited greatly from the use of the Sound Therapy program and the nutritional supplements for his ADHD. If I had not seen the differences in my child, I would have thought that th...”

Liz Rayner, New South Wales - Read More

Are you at risk?

Do you want to put antifreeze on your skin? I don’t think so! Most commercially produced skin care products contain Propylene glycol (antifreeze).

Would you want to use talc, with proven links to ovarian cancer, on your baby? Certainly not!

Do you want to be putting aluminum, linked to Alzheimer’s disease, into your lymph system through your deodorant? Well not if you have another one that works!

Safety conscious products are very important!

Because I grew up eating organic food, I was able to recognize a genuine health company that is not just making advertising claims to look good. Modere is the real deal!

Their range includes bathroom and personal care products, aromatherapy, cosmetics and skin care, baby products, cleaning and laundry products, hair care, dental care, car care, nail care, sun care and weight management.

Part of my mission is to make all of this available for you, so you and your family can benefit from this type of care as I have.

Shop from Modere online and save

If you would like to use Modere products regularly and get discounts and bonus gifts, you can shop online and share with your friends.

Through Modere you have access to very important health information, seminars and support networks to help you navigate your way to better health in the 21st Century. As a Sound Therapy listener, I would love to also have you as part of my online natural health awareness community.

To become part of our Modere community, click here and start on your path to better health today!

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