Anxiety and Sound Therapy

Great news for those who are plagued by anxiety or panic attacks! Sound Therapy calms and harmonizes the entire nervous system bringing deep and lasting relief.

What is anxiety?

Anxiety is a condition where stress worry and dread have built up to the point that they interfere with our daily functioning. Worry about everyday life is exaggerated to the point where it preoccupies the mind. Sufferers tend to worry frequently about health, money, family, work or school. This worrying is often unrealistic or out of proportion to the situation.

Some common symptoms of anxiety include:

  • Hot and cold flushes
  • Sleeplessness
  • Racing heart
  • Tightening of the chest
  • Ruminative, repetitive worrying
  • Obsessive thinking and compulsive behavior

“Since the Sound Therapy has taken effect for me, I no longer know what anxiety is. As a photographer, lecturer and writer, I am traveling continually and am bombarded with more than average demands. E...”

Coutney Milne, Canada - Read More

Noise and anxiety

Research has found that noise-related stress contributes to anxiety and can increase high blood pressure, peptic ulcers, cardiovascular deaths, strokes, suicides, degradation of the immune system, and impairment of learning.

Anxiety may also be linked to certain situations such as social situations, tests or public speaking. This may come from previous associations or bad experiences, a lack of self-confidence, or it may be related to the way we physically process information to help us navigate our world. Subtle processing problems related to vertigo or agoraphobia can sometimes play a role in anxiety without our realizing it.

How Sound Therapy helps reduce anxiety

Discover how quiet yet powerful sounds can wash away stress or anxiety and create emotional balance. But you will also learn that Sound Therapy is much more than just nice music to calm you down. It has been found to work on normalizing many of the automatic functions of our nervous system, by working directly on the ear-brain connection. The ear is intricately linked to our nervous system and in particular effects the functioning of our vagus nerve. The latest scientific discoveries in this field show how our primitive neural pathways affect our feelings of safety and our social and emotional responses.

Brain activity is always either enhanced or depleted by sound, depending on the quality of the sound. This is why Dr. Tomatis said, “Some sounds are as good as two cups of coffee.” Listening to Sound Therapy for three hours a day helps to restore normality to our nervous system, calms the mind and compensates for and counteracts the draining, stressful effect of low-frequency noise.

“For years I’ve lived with a mind filled with almost non-stop, self-abusive thoughts that no amount of counseling or investigation into causes could ease. Within 24 hours of starting Sound Therapy my...”

Coral Waight, VIC - Read More

Insomnia and anxiety

Anxiety is frequently the cause of poor sleep. Insomnia is caused by excessive cortical activity that cannot be stopped. Though Sound Therapy recharges the brain for activity during the day, it also has a calming effect which enables the listener in nearly every case to slip easily and quickly into sleep. While the brain and the nervous system are stimulated by the sound, this results not in a hyperactive state but in a state of active serenity, which allows for deep rest. Sleeplessness due to anxiety can also be resolved.

Survey results indicate that between 70 and 80 percent of Sound Therapy listeners notice an improvement in their sleep. Many insomniacs experience an immediate and dramatic improvement in their sleep.


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After 26 years in the Sound Therapy field, we really anxiety and what it means to live with this condition. Every week we hear from our listeners thanking us for the relief they have found. Listeners have reported very dramatic changes in their levels of anxiety, which has made a huge difference in their lives.

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