About Sound Therapy International

The mission of Sound Therapy International is creating enhanced listening around the world.

The company supplies the complete range of Sound Therapy books and listening programs developed by Patricia and Rafaele Joudry.

Our qualified team of telephone consultants and independent consultants is available to bring Sound Therapy to the public in the most portable, affordable and accessible form. Products can be ordered by mail, phone or internet, or directly through our local representatives.

Our listening programs suit all ages and offer the same benefits that are available through clinical Tomatis treatment. The advantage of the portable system is that it is much more affordable and allows long-term listening which brings sustained and continued benefits over a lifetime.

Our range includes specialized programs for families and children of different ages and advanced programs for long-term listeners. We also supply support materials to ensure that you get maximum benefit from your program. These include self-directed workbooks, published books, videos, email support and training courses for practitioners.

Follow up support is available in the form of regular email coaching programs, e-newsletters, product updates, ongoing research and customer support.

We pride ourselves on being the world leader in developing and distributing self-help Sound Therapy programs. Visit our online store if you would like to order now. Yes

Our Mission

Listening – Connection – Integration

Creating enhanced listening around the world

Our Purpose

To provide a fundamental and unique solution to improve ear and brain health through a system of Sound Therapy that is accessible, easy to use and gives the best value for money.

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