Sound Therapy for Children

An easy home-based program to stimulate brain function and learning.

Sound Therapy is an ideal treatment for all children and can be easily used at home or in the classroom. Sound Therapy improves listening, learning and communication. Simply by listening through earphones to specially filtered music and stories, the child’s auditory processing system is enhanced. The program is valuable for a child’s development, just as physical movement, spinning, swinging and co-ordination skills are important. Sound Therapy is like exercise for the ear and the auditory processing and sensory integration centers in the brain.

Whether your child is developing and performing normally, is exceptionally gifted, or is experiencing some kind of learning or developmental difficulties, Sound Therapy can be a valuable support.

Think of it as a ‘gymnastics program’ for your middle and inner ear. Sound Therapy may help many dysfunctions of your ear that you’ve gotten used to over the years.

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