What do you get when you purchase a Sound Therapy Program?

A fully Supported, home-based listening program

When you purchase a Sound Therapy program you are buying everything you need to follow your own, portable Sound Therapy program in a way that is effortless, convenient and highly beneficial for most listeners.

The music on a player, plus full support

What’s in the box;

  • Your pack includes a high-quality music player you can wear on a lanyard, pre-loaded with your chosen program, plus:
  • USB A/C charger with cable, carry case and extras
  • The coaching tools

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Basic Essentials Package

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The Coaching Tools

Our coaching materials, carefully developed over the last 20 years, will empower you to conduct your own program, with our expert support.

These include our book, workbook, online videos, plus our Listener Support Program delivered via email for at least three months. Included are interactive coaching tools and videos plus telephone support, when you need it, to answer your clinical and technical questions.

Optional Extras

Bone Conduction headphones and video education program is included with the Triple Mode or Deluxe packages
Nutrition for the Ears and Brain Gives your body all the nutrients it needs to fully utilize the benefits of the extra stimulation.
Level 2, advanced, Ear Brain Connections Program to take your results to a higher level if you choose the Deluxe Package.
Our top of the range full sized studio headphone specifically designed for Sound Therapy comes with the Deluxe package.

We Care!

We don’t just sell and forget, we hold your hand all the way through your listening program. This is because we understand the complications of the conditions you will be attempting to treat with Sound Therapy and we want you to get the best result.

Listeners Say

Here are some typical comments our listeners say about our support.

“I got much better support from your company than I did when I undertook a clinic based program for several thousand dollars.”

“Your team is always extremely helpful on the phone and via Skype and email.”

“I really appreciate being able to ring up and speak to a health consultant when I need to.”

“Your patience and understanding helped me through the program to get results I never dreamed possible!”

“I loved the book, and all the tools you provide make the program easy to follow.”

Start Getting Relief Today

Click here to choose your package

Basic Essentials Package

Triple Mode Package

Deluxe Package

Compare the cost with other alternatives

Our portable Sound Therapy is extremely affordable, being about one-tenth of the cost you would pay for similar treatment in a clinic. There are specialist Tomatis listening clinics, and there are other clinic-based tinnitus treatments which all come in at several thousand dollars.

Listeners have reported even better results with our program because it is so convenient and allows for long-term ease of use for busy people.

Tested and proven over several decades, we are confident that Sound Therapy is the most effective, convenient and best value for money you will find.

Choose from these 3 package Options.

Depending on the severity of your condition and your available resources, you can choose from these three package options All of them include the Screen Max 3 and appropriate self-help workbook as part of the Program, to condition your ear muscles and auditory system at the pace that is right for you.