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Listening Foundation Level One (USA)


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  • The Foundation Program for new listeners
  • Includes one six-hour listening program
  • An affordable option to get you started
  • Support materials
  • Open earbuds


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  • Sound Therapy Listening Foundation
  • Level 1 program on microSD card (4 albums, 6 hours of music)
  • USB adaptor, so you can transfer files from SD card your computer
  • Open earbuds (so you can listen while conversing with others)
  • Sound Therapy book
  • Workbook


The Listening Foundation Program

The Listening Foundation Program is our most economical program that contains all the basics you need to undertake Sound Therapy. It includes the Listening Foundation Program, the book, the workbook and a set of open earbuds, perfect for Sound Therapy listening.

The unique activation and filtering of the music, based on the ground breaking techniques developed by Dr Tomatis, delivers a powerful therapeutic program for the ears and brain.

Our Sound Therapy programs are now provided on microSD card so that you can load the music onto any device you wish, such as a phone, computer, tablet or music player such as iPod or MP3 player—as long as the device will play WAV files.

The Listening Foundation Program is the required starting place for new listeners, in order to condition the nervous system in the first few weeks of listening. The level of filtering gradually increases as you work through the four albums, progressively training the ear.


The Music

This program consists of 4 albums, each approximately 90 minutes in length.

Album 1 Gentle Massage

Vivaldi 4 Concerti, Rosini Quartet, Mozart Violin Concerto, Handel Harp Concerto

This album gently begins the process of introducing filtered sounds to the ear.

Album 2 Muscle Movement

Mozart string quartets, Mozart Piano Concertos

The ear is reconditioned as the filtering begins to increase, and the middle ear muscles are asked to respond to greater variations in frequency and intensity.

Album 3 Ear Gymnastics

Mozart Horn Concerto, Violin Concerto, Bach Harp Concertos, Cello Concerto, Vivaldi Cello Concertos

Progressing to more challenging frequency variations requires the ear to respond at levels that it may not have reached for many years.

Album 4 Cilia Simulation

Mozart Horn Concerti, Haydn String Quartets

Finally, as the middle ear has begun to open and adjust to the higher frequencies, these stimulating sounds can reach the inner ear and activate the sensory cells in the hearing organ (the cilia). Sound waves are converted to electro chemical signals that travel to the brain.


Also in your package


Sennheiser Open Earbuds are included in this package. These deliver the good quality sound required for the program. They are suitable for Sound Therapy as you can still hear surrounding sound while wearing them, meaning you can use the program during normal daily activities, including having a conversation or watching TV.

Sound Therapy book

This best-selling book tells the fascinating story of Patricia Joudry’s transformation through Sound Therapy and how the program has helped thousands to recover from a host of ear related conditions. The book equips you to be your own therapist, saving thousands of dollars you would pay for other clinic-based treatments.


The Self-help Workbook steps you through each stage of the program, giving you a personal listening routine, tailored for your needs, and extensive tips on the different stages of healing you can expect.


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