Triple Mode (USA) Package


      • Music Player — Sontegrity
      • Six hours of Sound Therapy music
      • Sound Therapy: Music to Recharge your Brain – Book
      • Sound Therapy Workbook
      • Nutrition for the ears and brain
      • Three months Listener Support Program
      • Ear phones — In canal ear buds
      • Ear phones — open ear buds
      • Ear phones — Stereo high quality headphones

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Triple Mode Package

In addition to all the elements in the Basic Essentials Package, the Triple Mode package uses three different modalities to enrich the benefits you receive. It combines:

1) Air conducted sound
2) Nutrition for the ears and brain.

Science has shown how our complex brain and nervous system respond best to multi-modal treatment, where several different approaches are combined to create change.

The Listening Foundation Program Level 1 — The Sontegrity Sound Therapy player is light, convenient and durable, and specially engineered to deliver the Sound Therapy high frequency spectrum. It comes preloaded with six hours of progressively filtered Sound Therapy music. The unique activation and filtering of the music, based on the ground breaking techniques developed by Dr Tomatis, delivers a powerful therapeutic program for the ears and brain.

The unique activation and filtering of the music, based on the ground breaking techniques developed by Dr Tomatis, delivers a powerful therapeutic program for the ears and brain.


This program consists of 4 albums, each approximately 60 minutes in length

Album 1 Gentle Massage
Vivaldi 4 Concerti, Rosini Quartet, Mozart Violin Concerto, Handel Harp Concerto.

This album gently begins the process of introducing filtered sounds to the ear.

Album 2 Muscle Movement
Mozart string quartets, Mozart Piano Concertos.

The ear is reconditioned as the filtering begins to increase, and the middle ear muscles are asked to respond to greater variations in frequency and intensity.

Album 3 Ear Gymnastics
Mozart Horn Concerto, Violin Concerto, Bach Harp Concertos, Cello Concerto, Vivaldi Cello Concertos.

Progressing to more challenging frequency variations requires the ear to respond at levels that it may not have reached for many years.

Album 4 Cilia Simulation
Mozart Horn Concerti, Haydn String Quartets.

Finally, as the middle ear has begun to open and adjust to the higher frequencies, these stimulating sounds can reach the inner ear and activate the sensory cells in the hearing organ (the cilia). Sound waves are converted to electro chemical signals that travel to the brain.



Open Earbud

The open earbud sits in the outer part of the ear, so you can hear surrounding sounds without interference. A popular choice for listeners who want to engage in daily activities while listening. Also comfortable for sleeping.

In Canal Earbud

Our in canal ear bud delivers high quality sound directly into the ear canal, giving a sense of direct connection with the sound. One of our most popular earphones, this excellent product fits most ear canals and is convenient and comfortable to use.

Studio Quality Sound Therapy Customised Headphone

Created by Sennheiser, specifically for Sound Therapy, this top of the range studio quality headphone gives you the richest listening experience.

This headphone is designed to enhance directional hearing, as well as being focussed to deliver clarity in the music while still being open to ambient sound. Its sophisticated design makes it adaptable for any head size, while being gentle and comfortable to wear for many hours. It can be worn while sleeping, while active or even over hearing aids.


The convenient carry case, lanyard and charger pack enable easy portability and convenience.

Sound Therapy book

This best-selling book tells the fascinating story of Patricia Joudry’s transformation through Sound Therapy and how the program has helped thousands to recover from a host of ear related conditions. The book equips you to be your own therapist, saving thousands of dollars you would pay for other clinic-based treatments.


The Self-help Workbook steps you through each stage of the program, giving you a personal listening routine, tailored for you needs, and extensive tips on the different stages of healing you can expect.

Listener Support Program

Our email Listener Support Program is your three month companion, bringing timely reminders and further background information to help you along the way. Phone support is also available as needed from our qualified Sound Therapy Consultants.

ADDED EXTRAS for Triple Mode program

Nutrition for the ears and brain

Science has shown that good nutrition is essential for good ear function. Noise exposure causes free radical damage to the ears, which can only be repaired with a broad spectrum of high quality anti-oxidants. Hundreds of the body’s processes, including neurological processes, cannot be achieved without the correct minerals. Enhanced results have been found for Sound Therapy listeners when natural, colloidal minerals are added to complement the listening process.

Two key products, selected by Rafaele Joudry to support ear and brain health are accompanied by her well researched booklet, Nutrition for the Ears, which gives you essential lifestyle tips plus the lowdown on exactly how these rich nutrients will support your ears and brain to optimise your Sound Therapy results.

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