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STIMX475 (USA) Open Earbud


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STIMX475 (USA) Open Earbud

The most popular basic level ear bud for Sound Therapy, this light weight, unobtrusive earbud has been our standard choice for many years. With soft foam pads, it fits comfortably in the outer part of the ear, while leaving the canal open to be able to hear surrounding sounds while listening to your Sound Therapy.

Ergonomically designed for an optimum fit and comfort, these earphones deliver maximum audio quality with a minimum size. Relax and enjoy pure audio immersion.


  • Fully open design to allow listening to ambient sounds
  • High performance dynamic drivers for accurate high frequency sound
  • Ultra lightweight and ergonomically designed for an optimum fit and comfort
  • Suitable to use during the day or while sleeping
  • Storage pouch for hassle-free portability