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Level One plus Double Advanced Emotional Intelligence 2 & 3 (USA)

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  • The Foundation Level 1 Program
  • Plus Advanced levels 2 and 3 for Emotional Intelligence
  • Includes three six-hour listening programs
  • For resolving stress and general wellbeing
  • Support materials
  • Open earbuds


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  • Listening Foundation Level One Program on microSD card (4 albums, 6 hours of music)
  • Emotional Intelligence Series Levels 2 and 3 on microSD card (10 albums, 12 hours of music)
  • USB adaptor, so you can transfer files from microSD card to your computer
  • Open earbuds (so you can listen while conversing with others)
  • Sound Therapy book
  • Workbooks for all 3 programs


The Programs

Level One Listening Foundation Program

This package starts with the Level One Listening Foundation Program and progresses through Levels Two and Three of the Emotional Intelligence Series. It also includes the book, a workbook for each program and a set of open earbuds, perfect for Sound Therapy listening.

The unique activation and filtering of the music, based on the ground-breaking techniques developed by Dr Tomatis, delivers a powerful therapeutic program for the ears and brain.

Our Sound Therapy programs are now provided on microSD card so that you can load the music onto any device you wish, such as a phone, computer, tablet or music player such as iPod or MP3 player—as long as the device will play WAV files. Instructions for transferring the music from the microSD card are found in our FAQ section on our website.

The Listening Foundation Program is the required starting place for new listeners, in order to condition the nervous system in the first few weeks of listening. The level of filtering gradually increases as you work through the four albums, progressively training the ear.

Learn more about the Listening Foundation Program music and workbook.

Emotional Intelligence Series Level 2: Resolve and Release Program

Intended for use after 3 months of listening to Level One Listening Foundation, this program takes you to a deeper level in the process of stress reduction and emotional healing.

A journey of self discovery

Emotional intelligence describes our capacity for self-awareness and impulse control, persistence at a task, motivation, zeal, and our ability to feel empathy and be effective communicators. High emotional intelligence enables us to be resolved and comfortable within ourselves, to handle life’s demands effectively and maintain a positive and productive state of mind.

The Emotional Intelligence Series is precisely designed to nurture and strengthen all of these aspects that comprise our emotional intelligence.

The Resolve and Release Program is designed to:

  • Help resolve family or workplace issues.
  • Reframe habits of communication and self-talk.
  • Assist in facing challenges, handling stressful situations or adjusting to changing circumstances.

The program specifically addresses: Stress, Anger, Disappointment, Resentment, Hostility, Frustration, Cognitive dissonance, Impatience, Tension, Discontent.

It helps you to feel calm and in control of your situation, and provides: Resolution, Forgiveness, Freedom, Better Negotiation, Communication, Letting go, Reframing, Love and Peace.

Recent research has shown that activating certain brain centres in the right cerebral cortex assists in the resolution of difficult emotional states. This process is assisted by Sound Therapy. The filtering techniques, in combination with the music choices, make the Resolve and Release Program a powerful support to this process.

Learn more about the Resolve and Release Program music and workbook.

Emotional Intelligence Series Level 3: Inner Peace Program

Intended for use after Level 2 of the Emotional Intelligence Series, this program takes you to a deeper level in the process of stress reduction and emotional healing.

The Inner Peace Program is designed to:

  • Help resolve chronic stress and anxiety
  • Deepen your ability to reach a state of profound inner peace
  • Assist in facing fears, calming the mind and the emotions, developing inner confidence and self worth.

This program is essential for enhancing your work-life balance. It helps to achieve deep inner calm and peaceful sleep, while reducing anxiety, worry and chronic stress.

Very soothing to the nervous system, this program calms the mind while also improving the depth and quality of sleep and dreams.

Addresses: Fear, Anxiety, Shame, Panic disorder, Post Traumatic Stress, Chronic Fatigue, Worry, Phobias, Insecurity, Pain, Vulnerability.

Enhances: self-affirmation, faith, courage, confidence, calm mind, autonomy, self-assurance and deep inner peace.

Recent research has shown that certain types of music can help to entrain the brain to deeper states of relaxation. These principles are combined with Sound Therapy filtering in this program to achieve the ultimate state of calm. The filtering techniques, in combination with the music choices, make the Inner Peace Program a powerful support to this process.

Learn more about the Inner Peace Program music and workbook.


Also in your package


Sennheiser Open Earbuds are included in this package. These deliver the good quality sound required for the program. They are suitable for Sound Therapy as you can still hear surrounding sound while wearing them, meaning you can use the program during normal daily activities, including having a conversation or watching TV.

Sound Therapy book

This best-selling book tells the fascinating story of Patricia Joudry’s transformation through Sound Therapy and how the program has helped thousands to recover from a host of ear related conditions. The book equips you to be your own therapist, saving thousands of dollars you would pay for other clinic-based treatments.


Learn more about the workbooks for Level One Listening Foundation Program, Resolve and Release Program and Inner Peace Program.


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