New Study on Chemicals in the Home

I was heartened today to see that a major study is being launched into the link between diseases and household chemicals. At Sound Therapy International we help families dealing with such issues as ADHD, autism, tinnitus and auditory processing disorder. […]
August 10, 2011 | Chemical Toxins

Mind Body Spirit Festival is on again in Sydney and Sound Therapy International will be there!

Find the Sound Therapy team at stand C29 every day. This is a great opportunity to look at (and listen to) the new Mini MX2 players, and ask your questions. Show Specials: * Buy a book and receive a free […]
May 6, 2011 | General

Sound Therapy – now with superior sound delivery

Most of us have heard of digital compression, but what does it really mean? And why is <strong>Sound Therapy</strong> so much better? Digital Compression Digital compression is mainly performed in the frequency domain. In compressed sound a few samples of […]
March 11, 2011 | BBE Process

Why are learning difficulties increasing?

Sometimes I wonder, and I’m sure you have too, why the incidence of learning and developmental difficulties seems to be increasing. In a society with better standards of living, more research and better medical care you wouldn’t you expect the […]
March 1, 2011 | Chemical Toxins

Call for noise warnings on i-Pods in UK

An organisation for the deaf wants Apple and other manufacturers of MP3 players to print bigger warnings about the risks of hearing loss. The British organization RNID (Royal National Institute of the Deaf) is requesting that Apple and other manufacturers […]
March 1, 2011 | General

3 year old Conductor!

Please take 5 minutes to view this amazing video of a 3 year old conducting to Beethoven’s 5th symphony. Its one of those unforgettable experiences. Talk about music going through your whole body! I’m sure most Sound Therapy listeners will […]
February 23, 2011 | Classic Music

New Research on How the Ear Works

I have been aware for some years that the standard theory of how we hear must be somewhat lacking in accuracy. Why do I know this? Because the current theory holds that the ear muscles are passive and do not […]
November 26, 2010 | Ear Research

Classical music reduces vandalism

A recent report of classical music being used to reduce vandalism in an Auckland shopping centre, followed other such successful experiments from around the world. In West Palm Beach Florida a free concert of Mozart, Bach and Beethoven is being […]
November 16, 2010 | Classic Music

Simple hygiene saves children

Those who have read my books and my blog will know that I care about people’s hearing and hope to help reduce the suffering many people have with ear problems.Those who have read my books and my blog will know […]
November 10, 2010 | Charities we support

Choosing the Music

Dear Listeners Those who have read my book, Sound Therapy: Music to Recharge your Brain, will remember my mother describing her invigoration and upliftment during the time when she was recording all the Sound Therapy programs at the monastery. The […]
August 26, 2010 | Choosing the Music

“The greatest journey in my life had been to help many thousans of people to improve their ear and brain health through the use of Sound Therapy”

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