Listening in Turkey

May 20, 2012 | General, travel

After the 5 am call to prayer at the local mosque I went back to sleep and have woken at 6, my favourite time to be up. My travel companions don’t understand how I have so much energy and can sleep so well in any situation. Of course it’s the Sound Therapy which I use for 6 hours per night and sometimes 6 hours per day as well, like yesterday on the bus.

I am travelling in Turkey fulfilling a long term dream of sailing on the Mediterranean. We boarded the boat last night and now at 6 am I am sitting with my back to the mast, enjoying the gentle golden light shimmering on the harbour water as I look out over the sea of masts in the marina and the ruined Byzantine castle on a nearby island, complete with a minaret tower where it looks like a mosque has been added into an old fort.

The day I arrived my flight landed in the morning, and having slept on the plane with my Sound Therapy, I felt fine, even after the 16 or 20 hour fight from Australia. My friends were just heading off to the Grand Bazaar and I went with them, not wanting to miss the opportunity. We went on to walk around the old city, visiting Aya Sofya, a magnificent, towering Orthodox domed church, now converted to a mosque. We then went into one of the underground cisterns built by the Romans which kept the city fully supplied with water for hundreds of years. Supported by pillars and domes, it is an amazing system of large, walk-in chambers linked to an elaborate network of culverts and viaducts.

My friends kept saying “she’ll flag soon,” but I kept walking around all day, and then slept well at night. Now I’m sure I could not have done that without my trusty travel companion of 5 Sound Therapy MINI players, which I keep well charged up so I am never without music when I need it. Like many of our listeners, I never travel without Sound Therapy!

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