New Study on Chemicals in the Home

I was heartened today to see that a major study is being launched into the link between diseases and household chemicals. At Sound Therapy International we help families dealing with such issues as ADHD, autism, tinnitus and auditory processing disorder. There is growing recognition of the role that chemicals play in such conditions.
For some years we have been advising families to look into the possible chemical and environmental causes of such problems. This is why in addition to Sound Therapy we offer a range of non toxic products and supplements.
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The Help 15 Project is an exciting and highly effective way that we as individuals can create a positive impact on our health and the health of our
beautiful planet, while also helping the children of today and tomorrow.
Planet earth is such an incredible and wonderful place, but unfortunately some of
the activities we humans undertake can have detrimental impacts on our
precious waterways. Not only are there issues of industrial pollution to consider,
but we must also consider what we each do in our own homes. Many people
don’t realise that the very products we purchase on a regular basis and bring into
our homes can create the same sort of pollution that some of our factories do!
How can this be?
If we look closely at many of today’s cleaning products and decipher the
ingredients (if we can!) we see that a large number of brands contain the same
type of high strength industrial cleansing chemicals that are commonly used in
huge manufacturing plants. In fact, even our personal care products such as
toothpastes, shampoos and conditioners, soaps, laundry detergents, face creams
and make-up often contain similar toxic ingredients! Most frightening of all is
that there are harsh industrial cleansers found in many baby products. All of
these toxins are readily available to us in the cleaning and personal care products on our supermarket and chemist shelves.
So we should ask ourselves: “Do we really want to be cleaning our teeth, washing our hair and bathing our children in ingredients proven to be toxic?” We are often told that – ‘there is only a small and therefore harmless amount’ – of toxic chemicals in these products:- but does that automatically mean that these ‘small’ amounts are safe? It has actually been proven that, in fact, small amounts, day after day, certainly add up to high levels of toxicity which can build up in our
bodies over years of continuous use. Do we really want to take that risk?
Believe it or not, we have been ‘officially’ warned about this! In 2009, the US
Environmental Protection Agency released a statement which said that “-our
homes now rank as 1 of the top 5 risks to public health-“. Our own homes!! Now
that should get our attention, shouldn’t it? It is crucial that The Help 15 Project
reaches all four corners of the globe, to reduce the impact that this is having.
Let’s consider the effects of these chemicals once they are flushed down our
sinks. What impact do they have on our waterways? Millions of people wash
EVERY DAY using soaps, shampoo’s and toothpastes and also clean their homes daily using dishwashing liquids, laundry powders and disinfectants – and we know that these all end up down the drain and in our waterways. Surely this
would have to have an enormous impact, especially if those very same chemicals were toxic to our environment. Well, they are … and it does.
Never before have we had so many people on the planet, use so many products
each day and pour so much into our waterways. All of this leaves many people
greatly concerned for our health and for our future. It’s a serious issue.
These are some of the many reasons The Help 15 Project was developed, to help combat these effects.
And … – what about the people?
What effects are these toxins having on us and our health? Let’s look at the
Eczema – affects approximately 1 in 18 people (2010)
Asthma – affects approximately 10 – 15% of children (2010)
Autism – now affects approximately 1 in 100 children (2010)
Cancer – affects 1 in 2 men and 1 in 3 women (2009 – Or Samuel Epstein, Cancer Prevention Coalition)
We are experiencing illnesses like cancer, diabetes, arthritis and cardiovascular
disease at much younger ages than ever before.
These rates are climbing quickly with each decade. High levels of certain illnesses today can be directly linked with high toxicity levels. It’s time to make some changes. It’s time to take responsibility.
With approximately 7 billion people all sharing this planet, we need to address these issues with a sense of urgency. The time for change is NOW.
So … – what can we do?
The Help 15 Project is a solution that is really very simple – just switch from the
standard brands which contain all those toxic ingredients over to safety
conscious products which can be shown to you by the person who gave you this
information. Just by switching over to these safety conscious products you will
be playing your part in helping to save our beautiful planet and safeguarding
your health and the health of generations to come. You’ll no longer be using
those harsh industrial chemicals on your family, nor will you be allowing these
same harmful chemicals to wash down the drain and end up in our precious

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