COVID vaccines and tinnitus—is there a connection?

Reports have indicated cases where sudden sensorineural hearing loss was reported after people received COVID-19 vaccines but appeared to occur less frequently than expected, a preliminary analysis suggested.
There have also been reported incidences of tinnitus commencing after a COVID vaccine, and some doctors are calling for investigation into this link.
Reports of a connection between COVID vaccines and sudden hearing loss or tinnitus are inconclusive at this stage.
Sudden hearing loss can also occur spontaneously for no apparent reason. Anytime a person experiences sudden hearing loss it is important that they get urgent medical attention, as treatment with cortisone can prevent further damage and possibly reverse the situation.
This also raises the question, should patients who develop tinnitus after having a COVID vaccine go ahead and get their booster shots?
Having COVID has also been associated with the onset of tinnitus and this is thought to be because COVID is a disease that affects our pulmonary and vascular systems and makes us reactive to a decrease in blood flow. It helps to explain the connection with loss of taste and smell associated with COVID and the link to inflammation.
Interestingly, in the past, some listeners to Sound Therapy have reported a return of their sense of taste and smell, which may be attributed to the positive stimulus entering the nervous system where we know that multiple sensory systems and linked to the auditory system. Read more here
The immediate research on vaccine complications has focussed on heart inflammation and blood clots, as these are life-threatening conditions, but there is a need for research to assess the potential implications for tinnitus and hearing loss. Doctors are calling for government health agencies to examine the link between COVID vaccines and tinnitus. At this stage about 2,250 people in the US have reported experiencing tinnitus soon after receiving a COVID vaccine. This was without any prompting, so the actual numbers are no doubt considerably higher. This applies to all of the COVID vaccines, including Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson and AstraZeneca.
Tinnitus practitioners also acknowledge that since tinnitus is a stress related condition, the stress of living with the pandemic may also have an impact on the incidence of tinnitus. Tinnitus stats have been observed to increase during the pandemic, possibly due to social isolation, loneliness and stress.
While these impacts should not be considered a reason not to have the vaccine, people who have a pre-existing ear related condition may be wise to take preventative measures to support their ear health prior to and after have the vaccine. Sound Therapy is an ideal option as it is known to:

  • Alleviate stress and anxiety
  • Improve circulation to the ears and brain
  • Calm tinnitus and enhance hearing

Doctors are suggesting that those who already have a pre-existing ear related condition need to proceed with caution, as the vaccines could impact the delicate, sensorineural cells in the inner ear and contribute to an increase of tinnitus or sensorineural hearing loss. If someone has noticed adverse effects on their hearing after a vaccine dose, they should discuss this with their doctor.
However, since there is no medical treatment to alleviate tinnitus, or to improve hearing, the best option to provide additional support to the hearing system both before and after a vaccine would be to use Sound Therapy.
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