Tinnitus, hearing and wholistic health

How to Get Bigger Results from Sound Therapy


From time to time our listeners come back to me and say that they have not received the full level of recovery from Sound Therapy they may have been hoping for with tinnitus or other hearing issues.

Often I find these people have used our basic Sound Therapy consistently but have not supported it with our nutrition for the ear products. I would like to share something about my experience with the high-quality nutrients we recommend.

It’s hard to believe in today’s world of abundant foodstuffs that anyone could be nutritionally deficient. The most common statement I hear from clients I speak to about nutrition is “I eat a balanced diet.” I think the philosophy of a balanced diet worked well in the 50s and maybe the 60s, as at that time there had been less interference in our food productions systems. In recent decades, however, over 86,000 chemicals have come into daily use. Many of these are toxic and are entering our bodies via our air, water, food, building materials – such as grout, chipboard, wood finishes, or our home items – such as carpets, mattresses, and furniture.


Eating a balanced diet was a great idea back

in the 1950’s…but not anymore…


Have you ever noticed the smell in a print shop, a photo processing shop, a furniture shop, a new car, or when you lay new carpet or bring home a new mattress? These chemical smells are a physical, sensory experience of some of the many toxins that enter our bodies as a matter of course in today’s world. In fact, one of the most common sources for dangerous chemicals to affect our health is the items we buy ourselves every week in the supermarkets and bring into our bathrooms and laundries for personal care and cleaning.

I learned about much of this from an excellent book called Children of a Toxic Harvest by Eve Hillary. I have a few copies for sale if you would like to get one. It is a great read and very enlightening about the huge extent of the effects of chemicals on the health of both adults and children today. This knowledge has been a landmark in my life. Since learning of the effect of chemicals on our health I have increased my nutritional supplementation and have found that it has made a big difference to my ability to function effectively.


The “chemical overload” on our bodies in today’s

modern world are just too much


What I learned from Eve Hillary was that toxic chemicals are progressively stored in the body, and when we reach a certain chemical load, the body will get a disease. At the same time, our food sources are less and less nutritious due to modern agriculture practices which depend on NPK but do not replenish micronutrients. The body needs at least 90 micronutrients per day – vitamins, minerals, amino acids, essential fatty acids and antioxidants. We do not get these from today’s diet. Even if we eat organically – not all organic food has the full complement of micronutrients, and we are still dealing with the toxic environment which deprives the body of essential nutrients as it tries to process thousands of chemical toxins.

I have come to understand that many of today’s diseases are in fact environmental diseases. In particular: diabetes, arthritis, asthma, ADD, Autism, depression, Alzheimer’s, and tinnitus. All of these conditions are on the rise. This cannot be explained genetically, but it can be explained environmentally because environmental pollutants are on the rise too.


Many of today’s health problems are almost

impossible to fix with medicine!


Tinnitus, I grant, is largely noise related, but there is also a component of stress, toxicity and nutritional deficiency in most cases. In order for the body to rid itself of toxins, heal from trauma and proceed to vibrant health, the full complement of nutrients is necessary and must be available every day. If we can provide ourselves with these and reduce our toxic exposures, we have the best chance of helping our bodies to recover from damage and injury and overcome any genetic predispositions.

It is for this reason that I always recommend nutritional supplementation as an accompaniment to Sound Therapy. Having researched the natural health field for some years I have become aware that some supplements are of much better quality than others. Buying cheap vitamins is not a good investment in your health. Having said that, there are ways to get high-quality products at discounted prices.

Feel free to contact my office and speak to one of our qualified health consultants if you would like to know more about the excellent products we recommend for ear and brain health – specifically high quality naturally derived colloidal minerals and anti-oxidants. Call us on 1300 55 77 96

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