How can ear infections lead to autism?

August 30, 2012 | Chemical Toxins, General

Did you see the segment on Four Corners last Tuesday night about the brain gut connection? I was surprised to see this knowledge presented as cutting edge, almost unrecognised information. I am aware that the Mindd Foundation has been holding annual conferences for over ten years on the gut brain connection. This is an annual conference devoted to exploring the gut-brain connection and its relation to autism and other learning difficulties. Experts such as Dr Natasha Campbell McBride and Dr Robyn Cosford have been running booked-out practices and helping thousands of children to make substantial recovery from sensory processing and developmental abnormalities through nutritional intervention to help re-build healthy gut flora. Yet sadly for the majority of families dealing with autism, this knowledge is still not commonly available.
On Four Corners a mother told the heartbreaking story of how her perfectly normal child, after an ear infection and taking four courses of prescribed anti-biotics developed regressive autism, from which he was unable to recover.
There is now a mass of evidence and professional agreement that there is a strong connection between the gut and the brain, and with autism, substances in the gut profoundly impact the brain.
The gut functions like a huge, factory with trillions of metabolically active players. But if all the elements are not in balance, metabolic by products produced by the overgrowth of bad microorganisms such as bacteria, yeast, fungi etc. can cause dramatic neurobehavioral effects.
Children are much more vulnerable than adults and react to toxins in the environment, as well as microbial and metabolic toxins generated from within their own bodies.
While there is extensive research in this field, parents may not know where to turn for practical, affordable help that is easy to apply for busy families.
My book Why Aren’t I Learning? published in 2004 covers these issues in Chapter 9. However, since then I have been lucky enough to learn of ground breaking research at the CSIRO in recent years which developed a new transport system for healthy gut flora, enabling us to load up the entire intestinal tract with trillions of healthy bacteria, and keep them alive all the way into the bowel where they are most needed. Through a company I work with, these products are now available to the public. We do have answers which can allow us to nutritionally load the body so it can fight off many of today’s invading chemicals. By using this available knowledge we don’t have to be passive victims to the toxic environment our planet has become.
This is why we recommend nutritional support in combination with Sound Therapy, especially for children with learning and developmental difficulties. There is such a high co-occurrence of learning problems with food sensitivities, skin conditions, respiratory and immune disorders that it is clear we cannot ignore biochemistry and nutrition in trying to treat learning issues.
To explore how these issues may be affecting your child, I invite you to take our Children’s Assessment on line here.

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