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August 26, 2010 | Choosing the Music, General

Dear Listeners

Those who have read my book, Sound Therapy: Music to Recharge your Brain, will remember my mother describing her invigoration and upliftment during the time when she was recording all the Sound Therapy programs at the monastery. The monks worked with her to produce a range of wonderful, varied filtered music on cassette tape, bringing Dr Tomatis’s stimulating and healing sounds into the home for the first time.
For the last 20+ years, along with me, you have been listening to the programs my mother made which we released on cassette tape for many years and then on CD.

Now with our new highly compact Ultra Light and recently released MINI players, we are, for the first time, producing entirely new music programs.
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The job of selecting the music, filtering the music and putting the programs together has fallen to me. What a privilege! When I think of my day’s work ahead, listening to, choosing, and designing the filtering for many hours of classical music – I don’t mind at all! In fact I couldn’t think of a better job.

This process is quite lengthy and requires many extra hours of work. Being a person who generally requires eight hours of sleep, I might ask myself, ‘How am I going to get all this done?’

Fortunately I find, like my mother, that the more I listen to Sound Therapy the less sleep I need. Well…up to a point! But it is certainly true that on the days where I consistently spend 8 -10 hours listening to and testing the Sound Therapy programs we are making I don’t want to sleep past 5 or 6 am. The extra hour or two this gives me in my office enables me to do a significant chunk of creative work without interruption.

I sit watching the dawn over the ocean out my window as I write this, listening to one of our new advanced programs on the MINI MX1 player. And I give thanks for the many blessings Sound Therapy has brought to me and out thousands of listeners around the world. Apart from helping with any number of serious ear and brain related conditions, just having that extra productive hour in the day can make all the difference to what you achieve and who you become.

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