Jeanette McKay, Western Australia, Kinesiologist

‘I undertook Sound Therapy when my son did the program and within three hours of listening to the music I was able to remember and hold three lines of text in my head for the first time in my life.

I had never had that ability before, despite having completed a degree in English and History, which is very heavy memory work. I have always known that I’ve had to work extra hard to achieve what I did. The feeling of being able to hold those lines in my head was absolutely phenomenal. After the next three hours of treatment I could remember those lines forever, and that feeling was totally amazing. I began to realize the extent of my own dyslexia at that point.

I use Sound Therapy mostly for my studying, and find it is very helpful for keeping me focused. I’m not good with numbers and I find working out my accounts quite stressful. I have found Sound Therapy invaluable for taking the stress out of this task. Sound Therapy is the thing that has really got me through those difficult times in life. This is a therapy that is so natural, with no side effects and has been absolutely invaluable for me in integrating all of the senses for learning.