Enzo Cuzmano, Sydney

I was very on the edge; working hard, too much stress. There was a vein sticking out beside my eye. When I looked in the mirror I was worried sometimes it was going to blow up! Since using the nutritional products you can’t even see it. Now I can cope better with daily life.
The first thing I noticed was that my stress reduced. Then I found I could breathe much better. Third, the circulation of my blood improved. All my family used to suffer from poor circulation. That may have been the cause of the tinnia (a fungal infection between the toes) I had for 15 years. I went to the doctor many times. I tried all the creams on the market – tablets, everything. They controlled it for maybe 3 or 4 weeks, then it came back again.
I also had tinnitus (ringing in the ears) and that also stopped when I started taking the supplements. Now I feel 10 years younger!
My wife and I owned a Deli and I would wash my hands 50 times a day in my job. I used to always have cold fingers. In winter my fingertips were white. I was always going to the cool room and my hands were so cold. Now my fingers are pink, my hands are warm and my skin is great!
We are very grateful for these supplements that Rafaele recommends, to help the hearing and many other health issues.