Clara Rapp – Perth, Western Australia

I have twin boys, Brendan and Jonathan, who were born very premature at twenty-eight weeks. Brendan in particular had all sorts of problems. He had a hole in the heart and lots of other problems but the main problem was language delay. Brendan had auditory processing problems.

When they were at school they used to get teased because they couldn’t talk in full sentences, with the result that they wouldn’t talk much to other kids. I was at the point where I just couldn’t handle it any more. When the boys were about six, I started Sound Therapy. I noticed that their sentences started getting longer, they started talking to other kids. I used it constantly for more than a year maybe, with the foundation program, putting it on at bedtime for one and a half hours every night. From there I found that their language ability just got higher and higher, that words were just coming through. It helped their studies as well; it helped them with their school work. They stopped having speech pathology when we started Sound Therapy because it was just too hard to keep going to the appointments, but they continued to improve.