Sound Therapy

In my 24 years in the Sound Therapy field, I have spoken to thousands of individuals who suffer from tinnitus, dizziness, blocked ears, sound sensitivity, hearing loss and more. Over and over again people describe their visits to numerous doctors, audiologists and ENT specialists who perform multiple tests, only to say that nothing can be done. The only solutions generally offered are to learn to live with it, sleep with the radio on, or try a hearing aid and see if that helps.

I am saddened that so many find no alternative but to just accept this advice and put up with their tinnitus because no one tells them that a simple solution exists. Too many people live with their tinnitus for decades, doing more harm to their ears and suffering intolerable stress without ever knowing what their ears really need.

I understand the pain of living with ear troubles. I grew up with a mother who couldn’t stand loud music, construction or road noise, and couldn’t even tolerate more than one person talking in a room at once. As a result, she was continually stressed and highly strung and this affected the whole family.

My daily conversations with tinnitus sufferers over the last two decades have given me a deep understanding and compassion for the pain of this condition. My background of social work and psychology also helps me to see the inner agony and destruction of lives that result from ear problems going untreated.

Through my years of personal study and research, I now know what causes ear problems and how to fix them. The knowledge and tools my mother and I developed really do work and have given thousands of people back their peace of mind and family harmony.

Since I learned the basics of how the human ear works I have spent thousands of hours studying different ear disorders, learning anatomy, physiology and medical science and how Sound Therapy can be applied to help different types of ear-related problems. This information is covered in my books Sound Therapy: Music to Recharge Your Brain and Triumph Over Tinnitus.

I also have a passionate interest in education and the basics of sensory processing required to help children to learn. Sound Therapy is an essential key to helping children who are struggling with learning and auditory processing. This topic is covered in detail in my book Why Aren’t’ I Learning?

I have delivered hundreds of lectures, media interviews and practitioner training programs. I have written dozens of articles, several manuals and three books about Sound Therapy, in order to make this great discovery available to the world at large.

Try Sound Therapy yourself and you will quickly become one of our happy, enthusiastic listeners!