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Why Aren’t I Learning Book (USA)


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Why Aren’t I Learning?
An essential guide for parents and professionals
by Rafaele Joudry 

This book offers drug-free solutions for children who aren?t learning the way they should, plus great tips for helping all children learn more easily.
Sound Therapy will improve your child?s listening, addressing the basic cause of learning and language difficulties, rather than dealing with the symptoms.
Easy home solutions for:
-Learning difficulties
-Poor concentration
-Delayed development
-Sensory integration disorders
-Speech problems

The book is for you if:

  • Your child has been prescribed drugs for learning difficulties
  • You are concerned by subtle signs of delayed development
  • You are a professional committed to helping children 
  • You desire every advantage for your average or high achieving child

Today it seems that more and more children have learning difficulties, which means they struggle and fail where they should be progressing with natural ease. Teachers struggle to teach a class when several children with ADHD are making it impossible for anyone to concentrate.

This book offers treatments which are easy and cost effective, can be used at home, and will not add further stress to the family. It offers solutions which are harmless and will not lead to further health problems or possible drug addiction.

Discover how the ear-brain connection can be activated by Sound Therapy, sensory integration, food desensitisation, and supplementation. Restore the basic building blocks of normal functioning and see your child?s ability to learn change overnight!

?Rafaele addresses a number of important issues in her book, relating to gestation, babyhood, learning survival skills, and problems and abnormalities in those areas due to harmful toxic environmental triggers. In her book, she also offers non-invasive ways of diagnosing and remedying such problems.
This book is a must for every parent and teacher and other persons interested in the wellbeing of children.? Dr Viera Scheibner

Includes sections on how Sound Therapy can be applied to:

  • ADHD
  • Autistic spectrum disorders
  • Delayed development 
  • Dyslexia
  • Sensory integration disorder 
  • Down syndrome
  • Learning difficulties 
  • Speech development problems
  • Repeated ear infectionsISBN 0 9579246 2 3 357 Pages