Research & Media

Sound Therapy has been highlighted extensively in research and the media to understand the many different fields where it can be applied. Sound Therapy fills a gap between some of the more well known treatments, and draws on the principles of neuroscience and brain plasticity to create healing. It helps to heal the hearing systems and the brain through stimulation activating the natural healing ability of the human brain and body.

Since the discovery of Sound Therapy by Dr Tomatis in the 1950s Sound Therapy has taken off in many different forms around the world. It has become a new area of study, advanced by many dedicated practitioners who are not content to just say to their patients “I’m sorry I can’t help you” but are determined to search outside the square for new solutions.

A great many clinically based research studies have been done, testing the impact of sound therapy on people in real life. Because of its remarkable effects, the field continues to grow in exciting directions.

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