Creativity and Sound Therapy

Increase creative potential with better brain integration of the right and left brain hemispheres

The two sides of the brain are different but complementary, but their roles have caused some confusion as we try to simplify what is infinitely complex.

Science can definitely confirm that the left brain hemisphere is the main language-processing centre. The right brain is used more for spatial judgment, movement, drawing, music, mathematics and technical abilities.

Because the right brain is used more for visual concepts and wholistic comprehension, it has become famous for being the creative side. In fact, it’s not that simple. Language artists are also highly creative, yet for linguistic expression they are largely using the left brain. Creativity is a whole brain process involving many different brain centres, plus access to higher consciousness, which may be beyond the scope of the brain entirely!

“Specifically  -- I can testify that within a week after beginning my listening I was able to write the plot for a novel. I have never before been able to envisage a plot for fiction, though I have be...”

Cynthia Connell Davis, West Warwick, Rhode Island, U.S.A. - Read More

Sound therapy works on both sides of the brain to develop areas where we might be weak and improve communication between the hemispheres. Classical music alone activates at least ten different brain centres. Language also uses many different areas in addition to the auditory cortex. As connections are built between so many parts of the brain, our creative potential is released. For this reason, Sound Therapy listeners often find themselves developing new abilities and overcoming blocks.

Why are high frequencies important for the Brain?

Through his study of embryology, Dr Tomatis realised that the first sounds we hear are high frequency sounds because the area of the cochlea which detects high frequencies is the first to develop.

Through his experiments Tomatis showed that high frequency sounds serve as a vital and necessary stimulant for cortical activity. The brain needs high frequencies in order to be fully functional. The electrical charge of the brain, the energy on which it runs, needs to be regularly replenished and Tomatis discovered a way to do this by using specially processed sounds.

“There have been changes, which I hardly dare believe are happening. There has been a reawakening of the musical ‘spark’ within me.

Having been trained as a pianist and taken a degree in music a...”

Patricia Proenza, Finchley, London, U.K. - Read More

Listeners in many fields have reported dramatic shifts and liberation of their creative potential from using Sound Therapy. Patricia Joudry who developed the self-help method found Sound Therapy was a permanent solution to her life-long problem of writers’ block. Other writers, musicians, singers, conductors, painters and creatives in all fields report accessing more of their creativity in dramatic ways after using Sound Therapy.

Creativity breakthrough with Sound Therapy

Artists in all these fields have described remarkable experiences where Sound Therapy gives them a whole new lease on their creative expression, sometimes releasing aptitudes they never knew they had.


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