How to Help Speech Delay Resulting from Lock Downs

The early years of a child’s development have the greatest impact on their future, as all later learning is based on these early foundations. Due to the way the brain develops, if speech acquisition is delayed during the key formative […]

Sound Therapy Covid survey initial results show promise for long Covid

Sound Therapy is a portable listening program based on discoveries by the ENT Dr Alfred Tomatis. It uses classical music that has been filtered with specific algorithms to alter the frequencies in order to activate the auditory pathways. The program […]

Relief for Sufferers of Covid and Covid Vaccine Effects

  Sound Therapy International provides natural health improvement and appears to offer quicker Covid recovery. This unique intensive high frequency program of sounds delivered through complex richly layered classical music is a medically based program using both sound and vibrational […]

Trusted Sources of Health Information

  In the last two years, since the Covid-19 (see note) pandemic was announced, it has seemed to me as though only one message is being offered on every media channel. As a company providing a natural health product, we […]

Sleep and Lifestyle

Most insomnia is caused by stress. Sound Therapy reduces stress which leads to better sleep. The benefits of Sound Therapy include: Cuts mind chatter, allowing the mind to move at slower rhythms leading to deeper, more beneficial sleep. Replenishes the […]

Can good Self Care make us more resistant to viruses?

I was so proud of my team today! We took a few minutes to all share how we are doing during the COVID lockdown period and what strategies we use for self-care. Everyone showed huge resilience and resourcefulness and I […]

COVID vaccines and tinnitus—is there a connection?

Sound Therapy International continues to treat post covid sufferers successfully and now we are beginning to treat numerous Covid vaccine clients as vaccinations increase. Reports have indicated cases where sudden sensorineural hearing loss was reported after people received COVID-19 vaccines […]

Why is Sound Therapy helping the Bees?

We hear a great deal about the importance of the bees to our continued crop yields and the balance of nature and biodiversity around the globe. But how does this relate to Sound Therapy?

What does Sound Therapy have to do with breathing?

Looking back on 2020, the theme of this year has been breathing. From the unprecedented wildfires in Australia and California, the COVID pandemic and the Black Lives Matter movement, ignited by George Floyd’s final words “I can’t breathe”, we were bombarded on all sides with challenges to our breath. We were wearing masks for smoke inhalation—then we were wearing masks for COVID.

How is your nervous system?

I was wondering how everyone in the community was faring with the unfolding of news from around the world on the COVID-19 pandemic. How is it affecting your home life, your work, travel plans, finances, and most importantly, how you are feeling inside yourself?
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