Choose from our 3 great time limited specials

Basic Essentials Package“Just the basics”

An affordable option with everything you need to get started with Sound Therapy

  • Level 1 Listening Foundation Program: six hours of music on a quality Sontegrity Player
  • Accessories – case, charger and cable
  • Sound Therapy book and workbooks
  • Three month Listener Support program
  • Choice of ear bud or neck band head phone

Triple Mode Package“Use three different methods and increase your chance of success”

Add the benefits of nutritional support and studio headphones to improve your results.

Includes the Basic Essentials Package

Added Value
  • Nutrition for the ears for enhanced results
  • Studio Headphones for directional hearing
  • In canal higher quality ear bud

Deluxe Package“The very best value with two programs in one”

All the best that Sound Therapy can offer including our very best headphones and two players for your next step in advancement

Includes the Triple Mode Package

Added Value
  • Level two program with workbook
  • Six month Listener Support Program