Sound sensitivity or hyperacusis

Finally a treatment that directly addresses and fixes the cause of hyperacusis in the ear and the auditory pathways to the brain.

What is sound sensitivity?

Sound sensitivity can be isolating and debilitating with friends being mystified as to why you can’t participate like a normal person. There are various ways of defining sound sensitivity. Some people may simply have an unusual level of irritation caused by certain loud noises. Beyond this there are specific terms to describe different types of sound sensitivity:

  • “Hyperacusis” means that something is wrong with the functioning of the ear or auditory reception pathways in the brain so that sounds are experienced as being very loud, even painful.
  • “Phonophobia” refers to a state where the person develops an emotional reactivity or fear of sound and is reacting to psychological as opposed to physical causes. In some cases both conditions may be combined.
  • “Recruitment” is a more extreme form of sound sensitivity, where a sound becomes magnified by the ear so it echoes or reverberates inside the head and becomes much louder than the original sound.

“After a few months of listening to Sound Therapy I have really noticed a tolerance to high pitched sound – on the radio or in my work place, etcetera.  I used to turn our car radio on to bass becau...”

Mary Johnson, Bellevue, Washington - Read More

Only those who experience or live with someone who suffers from sound sensitivity can realize what a devastating effect it can have on life. It may become a painful or frightening experience going out into traffic, travelling, being near household or kitchen appliances, loud music, cinemas, theatres and a great many social activities.

A person with one of these conditions may:

  • Become isolated and cut off from important relationships
  • Have to live in a remote area
  • Have to avoid normal activities such as work, entertainment, travelling and social events

Milder cases are still a major inconvenience as there is little understanding in our society of this type of disability. No matter where you go, the world is a noisy place.

“I purchased the program because I had hyperacusis which is extreme sensitivity to sound.  I had the condition for 2 yrs and it was ruining my life.  I was angry all the time and in constant pain.  ...”

Fred Ghanime – Victoria - Read More

How does Sound Therapy help sound sensitivity or hyperacusis?

The ear should naturally have the resilience to adapt to sounds as quiet as hearing a pin drop or as loud as an opera singer. When this ability is lost it is because certain parts of the ear have lost their functionality. For example, the muscles in the middle ear may have become stiff or unresponsive so they do not quickly adapt the ear to the volume of incoming sound. Pressure chambers in the ear may be blocked, or auditory pathways in the brain may be functioning inefficiently. Although Sound Therapy often improves hearing for those who have lost some of their hearing, if you have over sensitive hearing it will generally reduce this by restoring the adaptability of the ear.

Most people find their irritation with sound decreases and their tolerance increases after a certain period of using Sound Therapy. The program gently activates all parts of the ear with the aim of restoring the ear’s natural ability to protect itself from noise that is too loud, as well as improving the perception of all frequencies of sound.

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After 26 years in the Sound Therapy field, we really understand sound sensitivity and hyperacusis and what it means to live with this condition. Every week we hear from our listeners thanking us for the relief they have found. Listeners have reported that they have achieved permanent relief from sound sensitivity and can now go out into day to day environments without undue pain or anxiety.

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