A 12 week online coaching program using interactive processes for multi-sensory neural integration.

We will draw on the latest discoveries in neuroscience, combined with scientifically proven techniques to restore optimal functioning.

The program will assist you to transform your life by changing your physical, emotional, mental and neurological state.


  • Achieve a deeper level of restorative sleep and deep inner peace
  • Reduce physical ailments related to inflammation and stress
  • Remove neuro-emotional blocks which are preventing your life fulfilment
  • Find and manifest your true potential to achieve your important life goals

Learning outcomes

  • Learn and practice techniques for neural retraining and integration that are scientifically proven to significantly increase your physical and mental health.
  • Discover where you may have unresolved habits, beliefs or distress which is holding back your full expression and contribution in life.
  • Shift some old blockages to your energy, self-belief and capacity, in order to make life more fulfilling.
  • Explore twelve different personal development modalities and practice the key elements of each one in supported activities.
  • Follow a complete program which integrates our 8 senses and our self expression and application to daily life of the body, heart, mind and spirit.

Over a 12 week program we will cover:

  • Sonic Birth – experience the process of Sonic Birth, as discovered by Dr Tomatis
  • Self-listening – the keys to emotional freedom lie in tuning into our inner voices
  • Grounding onto the earth – science now enables us to connect to the earth’s healing energy
  • Emotional resilience – learn proven techniques for building emotional intelligence
  • Radical forgiveness – use this process to awaken your spiritual intelligence
  • Transforming our key challenge – release whatever has been stopping you
  • Transforming fear – harness the power of the vagal nerve to step through fear
  • Quietening the mind – discover your untapped potential when you step into stillness
  • Focus and Planning – Map your plan to unleash your creative power
  • Manifesting our true potential – draw on your inner guidance to set your compass
  • Affirming who we truly are – use sensory integration tools to create affirmations that work
  • Fulfilling our life purpose – build a vision to help you share your gift to the world

Products included (depending on membership)

  • A more advanced level of Sound Therapy. A six hour program called Brain Integration that will be yours to keep.
  • An additional advanced Sound Therapy program of your choice from the existing catalog. (If you have all our programs, you can use this as a gift.)
  • Grounding products to help rid your body of excess electrical charge and reduce inflammation. Includes underlay, pillowcase, sitting pad, headphone band and multimeter.
  • Forbrain device - Tomatis’s revolutionary brain training device that empowers you to harness your voice to boost your brain function.
  • A workbook plus audio/ video training tools to follow the twelve-week program.
  • A beautiful notebook with coloured pencils for making your own multi-sensory inspiration pages.
  • A beautiful hand-made silk eyemask for deeper sleep plus aromatherapy.
  • A Sound Fit earphone for listening clarity and comfort.

Sessions include (depending on membership)

  • Receive one to one coaching and weekly guidance from Rafaele Joudry MS Psych, founder of Sound Therapy International.
  • Progress with a small group of other trainees and share mutual learning and support through structured weekly online seminars and workshops.
  • Join Mastermind groups to bring group mind-power and accountability to your program.
  • Receive weekly audio/video tools for at-home study in between sessions.
  • Follow weekly written exercises to anchor your learning – with further study options available in every stream.


Prerequisites for enrolment

  • Must be a VIP Sound Therapy listener (have already completed our Listening Foundation program and started on one of our advanced programs)
  • Able to use Zoom on your computer or phone
  • Motivated to engage in personal development
  • Willing to participate in the course processes
  • Able to pay the fee (choose your membership level)
  • Available Thursday Evening and Wednesday Lunch hour Sept through Nov (Sydney Time)

How much time must I commit?

  • Choose your own level of participation. Minimum suggested time commitment is 90 mins to two hours per week. Maximum suggested time commitment 8 hours per week.
  • For Gold and Silver packages you need to be free to join the Thursday evening call 6 to 7 pm Sydney time, Sept through Nov. (NOTE: The week of Thur Sept 28th, the call will be changed to Tuesday Sept 26th) * (If you have to miss one or two calls we can catch you up).
  • For Gold package - Wednesday lunch time sessions for individual and Mastermind coaching. 30 to 60 mins between 12 and 1:30 with slight variations week to week.
  • Bronze package – self-study at home only.


    • Weekly interactive seminar
    • Homework video and process
    • Advanced Sound Therapy- Brain Integration
    • Notebook and pencils
    • Eyepatch sleep pack
    • Sound Fit Premium Earbud
    • Mastermind Group implementation and feedback
    • Forbrain brain training device
    • Grounding products - underlay, pillowcase, sitting pad and multimeter
    • Individual Coaching with Rafaele Joudry – 3 sessions

Value $6177
Save $2202

Pay only $3975


  • Weekly interactive seminar
  • Homework video and process
  • Advanced Sound Therapy- Brain Integration
  • Notebook and pencils
  • Eyepatch sleep pack
  • Sound Fit Basic earbud
  • Grounding products - sitting pad and multimeter

Value $4168
Save $1693

Pay only $2475


  • Home self-study only
  • Seminars to view at home
  • Homework video and process
  • Advanced Sound Therapy- Brain Integration

Value $1899
Save $924

Pay only $975



Places are strictly limited. Book early to avoid disappointment.

Gold and Silver early-bird bookings until August 23rd also receive an Advanced Sound Therapy program of your choice (value $699.00) from our existing catalog.

Book online or call 1300 55 77 96