Nutrition for the Brain

Your brain is the most energy hungry organ of your body, so learn these simple steps to give you that mental vitality you are looking for

While Sound Therapy can help to stimulate and rebuild brain functionality, it has a greater chance of success if supported by the right supplements.

You may have tried many treatments and training methods to manage stress and improve your wellbeing. Unless you can also work with the biochemical balance of your body, your success will be limited. This page explains how with the right information and appropriate supplements you can turn around your brain body balance—naturally!

Nutritional deficiency

The brain is a very nutrient hungry organ. It constitutes only 2% of the weight of the body yet consumes 20% of the energy. This means the brain is ten times more metabolically active than the rest of the body. Therefore if we are suffering deficiency in any of the required daily nutrients, our brain will likely be affected.

Today it is difficult to receive all the nutrients we need in our diet. Our bodies are affected by chemical pollutants in our homes, clothing, cosmetics, air, water, building materials, pesticides and perfumes. The brain is very sensitive to chemical pollutants. Many chemicals cross the blood brain barrier leading to a variety of neural disorders including fuzzy thinking, memory loss, and more serious long term disorders. Two hundred commonly used chemicals are known to have neuro-toxic affects, but very little research has occurred in this field. In order for the body to defend itself from these toxins, extra nutrients are essential.

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How nutrition for the brain can help

The great detoxifying organ of the body is the liver, but for the body to detox itself from chemical residues, the right trace elements must be present for the liver to do its job. In order to eliminate any unwanted chemical or toxic substance, the liver must create a specific enzyme. In order to make the enzyme, the liver requires certain minerals. If those minerals are not present in the body, the liver cannot do its job.

The brain must have the right nutritional substances available to it in order to:

  • Produce and utilize the right balance of neurotransmitters
  • Fire synapses efficiently
  • Build new pathways

Sixty minerals are needed by the body but are not produced by the body. Therefore, these materials must be taken in as part of the diet.
Here are just a few examples of why the brain needs minerals:

Colloidal minerals

  • Magnesium deficiency can cause restlessness, nervousness, muscular twitching, and unsteadiness.
  • Zinc deficiency can cause neurological impairment, influencing appetite, taste, smell, and vision. It has also been associated with apathy, irritability, jitteriness, and fatigue.
  • Selenium is needed for the synthesis of some hormones and helps protect cell membranes from damage.
  • Copper deficiency also impairs brain functioning and immune system response, including changes in certain chemical receptors in the brain and lowered levels of neurotransmitters.

Colloidal minerals are very minute particles which have already been absorbed and processed by plants. They come in a liquid form and are readily “bio available”, meaning the body can absorb them. They are estimated to be 90% more available to the body than other types of mineral supplements. Colloidal minerals that are derived from plant matter are fully bio available to the body. Rather than trying to figure out and replace individual mineral deficiencies, it is safer to take a balanced, naturally derived mineral supplement that supplies all the mineral needs in the right proportions.

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Super antioxidants

Highly-reactive forms of oxygen called free radicals create chemical reactions that damage brain cells. If free radicals get out of control, cells will be damaged faster than they can be repaired. Like a biological form of rust, a lifetime of oxidative insult can lead to diminished brain function. Over the last few decades many new sources of anti oxidants have been discovered. The first generation, vitamins A, C and E will work for three hours in the body. The second generation found in grape seed extract and pine bark extract and Ginkgo biloba will last two to three times longer. Third generation anti oxidants, (circuminoids) have now been discovered and will last for up to three days, cleaning and protecting your body from free radicals. A good anti oxidant supplement will contain all of these ingredients

The benefits

The health benefits of good quality nutritional supplementation are an essential element of maintaining brain health. The brain depends on the availability of over 90 essential nutrients each day to maintain optimum functioning throughout your life. When these nutrients are supplied you can expect clearer thinking, better memory, deeper sleep, more stable moods, better focus, concentration and long term brain health.

Your Complete Sound Therapy program includes nutrients specifically selected to assist better brain health.

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