Our Team at Sound Therapy

Rafaele Joudry

Founder & Director

Rafaele Joudry was the joint creator of the Joudry portable Sound Therapy method with her mother, Patricia Joudry. Because of the transformative effects Sound Therapy has had on so many lives, Rafaele is committed to making Sound Therapy accessible to every person and family that needs it. Rafaele is constantly writing, lecturing, touring and teaching to bring the message of Sound Therapy to the world.

Wendy Zeffertt

Senior Health Consultant

Wendy is a qualified biologist and nutritionist and has studied numerous wholistic health modalities. She currently works as an Acu Energetics practitioner as well as her role at Sound Therapy. She has been a Sound Therapy Consultant for over ten years. Wendy has also studied meditation and Eastern philosophy for many years and aims to bring serenity and compassion to all her interactions. She loves talking with Sound Therapy listeners so she can assist them in finding the right balance in their lives and their health.

Carolyn Lloyd

Senior Health Consultant

Carolyn is a former registered nurse and farmer, and has raised a family, now flown. Having experienced the benefits of natural and sensory based therapies herself, she is passionate to help Sound Therapy listeners to achieve the recovery they are looking for. Carolyn brings knowledge from her nursing background together with her Sound Therapy training to help people understand their situation. She brings her natural caring and compassion to every conversation.

Isabel DaSilva

Appointment Setter

Isabel is a mother for two children and an experienced telephone interviewer. She loves to communicate with people and gets great reward from her work in offering people the chance to make Sound Therapy part of their lives, having experienced its benefits herself. Isabel always greets every caller with a smile.


Kim Smith

Customer Service & Despatch

Kim is our customer service and despatch office extraordinaire. Kim manages the practical and administrative side of the business to keep it all running smoothly. She is the queen of space organisation and efficiency, and will ensure your orders are despatched in the best possible time and manner. Kim is caring towards people from all walks of life and ensures our customers always get the understanding and support they need.

Charisma Jane Augustine

Appointment Setter

Charisma is passionate about connecting with people and you will find her always ready to engage and assist, whether on the phone or on our Social Media. As a young mother herself, Charisma understands the needs and concerns of families. You are sure to enjoy chatting with her.

Adele Potter


Adele manages our accounts and ensures our financial area runs smoothly. She is a great problem solver and makes sure our admin and accounts are all in order. Adele looks after the financial and social wellbeing of the team. She loves to have a good time and makes sure the team takes a break or a holiday away every now and then.

Julie Carlson

Speaker Organiser

Julie handles Rafaeleā€™s calendar of speaking engagements. She will be happy to hear from potential speaker hosts, and ensure that all communication is clear, so your event runs smoothly.

Kevin Drieberg

Digital Marketing

Kevin is a digital marketing creative. As well as attending to all the meticulous detail of making sure all your devices can access our stuff, he loves to bring some creativity to improving our online customer interactions. If you have any difficulties accessing our technical platforms, Kevin will be keen to fix them.