The Secret Method to Overcome Tinnitus, a Condition that Leaves Millions of Men and Women Dismayed by Constant Ringing in the Ears, Sleepless Nights, Tired, Anxious and Cut Off from Social Connection… and Doctors just tell you nothing can be done…


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Dear Friend,

You always wear your ear protection, avoid noisy venues and get your ears checked regularly.

Yet you suffer from ringing, buzzing or popping in your ears that keeps your nerves on edge and disturbs your sleep.

You are not alone. Millions of people (about 20% of the population) suffer this invisible, debilitating condition.

The problem affects not just your hearing, but your mood, your relationships and your whole wellbeing.

There is now a remedy
And when I tell you how easy it is, you’ll be shocked


…because it’s simply listening to music. But not just any music!

You see, the auditory system responds to sound. Sound impacts and changes the pathways in our brain, and this affects what we hear. Our brain pathways respond to rhythm, harmony, melody and tone.

All this comes in through the ears.

And when our ears have been damaged by loud, harsh sounds, (or by something else) it can do lasting damage to the auditory pathways. In this way many people are left with loud, intractable tinnitus.


Before I explain why most tinnitus sufferers end up being told that there is no treatment, let me introduce myself.

My name is Rafaele Joudry and I’m an international best-selling author on Sound Therapy and tinnitus.

In 29 years as the founding director of Sound Therapy International I have developed expertise in over 30 ear related conditions, including hearing loss, dizziness and tinnitus.

My program has helped several thousand tinnitus sufferers to gain peace of mind, relief, and quiet.

In a moment I’ll reveal the reason our easy program is so effective where others have failed.

But first let me explain why tinnitus is so difficult to treat.


Here’s the truth: Most people don’t realise the cause of their problem is damage to the entire auditory pathway.

The importance of our auditory pathway never occurred to me until I talked to many thousands of tinnitus sufferers about how this condition affects their health and wellbeing.

Then I began to truly understand the magnitude of the problem.

We’re not just talking about trouble hearing, poor auditory function is the root cause of problems such as:

  • Insomnia and chronic sleeplessness
  • Stress at work and lack of advancement
  • Misunderstandings
  • Relationship problems and marital breakdown
  • High anxiety and irritability
  • Low energy and poor work performance
  • Family stress and tensions
  • Chronic tiredness
  • Low self esteem
  • Nerves on edge and digestive disorders
  • Loss of sexual function
  • Social isolation and depression

If any of these sound familiar to you, don’t worry because you’re not alone.

Poor auditory function affects at least one in five adults, but few realise the impact this can have on your whole life.

Think of your ears as a barometer. The health and responsiveness of the auditory system is an indicator of the balance and wellbeing of our whole nervous system.




The ear is the link between the world we live in and our brain. It is the instrument of our hearing and balance, enabling us to coordinate our movement and communicate with others.

Encased in the solid bone of our skull, the ear is a complex miracle of micro-electro-chemical engineering.

Hearing is the only primary sense organ to register at all three levels of the brain--

the brainstem, midbrain and cortex.

From the muscular play of levers in the middle ear with its vibrating mechanical structures, sound passes into the electrochemical neural sensors in the inner ear and up through the auditory pathways to the brain.

The ear plays a vital role in our wellbeing, linking us to our world, enabling us to communicate, giving us a sense of balance, movement and acceleration, and bringing us sounds that can cause fear, sadness or joy.

How well all this works begins with the two tiny muscles in the middle ear.

While we often hear about the three little bones, hammer anvil and stirrup, that carry sound through the middle ear, the muscles have been rather neglected by medical science.


The hammer and stirrup muscles are actually the vital link between our ear and our brain.


Think about it. When you want to lift your arm, you send a message from your brain to your arm muscles—and hey presto…your arm goes up!

Every body part is the same. The muscles are the part that implements instructions from the brain. Muscles are the active, volitional part of our bodies.

Even unconscious functions like heart beat and digestion are driven by muscular activity. But there is always communication between the brain and the muscles.


The same is true with the ear. Our listening may be consciously or unconsciously directed, but it is the brain telling the muscles how to react that causes us to tune in or tune out to certain sounds. Therefore if our ear muscles are not in good shape…if they are weak, overly contracted or prone to going into spasm, the effects on our hearing can be disastrous.

But strangely, this vitally important fact is missed entirely by most hearing professionals. The ear is treated like a passive organ and it’s generally believed that once damage has occurred, nothing can be done to improve it.

Therefore, the only answer is a hearing aid.

This is not true!

The ear can and does respond to sound, and if given the right sound, its performance can be enhanced in remarkable ways.

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The hammer muscle controls the tension and angle of the ear drum, affecting the way it vibrates in response to incoming sound.


The stirrup muscle controls the pressure of the stirrup on the inner ear, affecting our sound perception, sound tolerance and sense of balance.


When these muscles are rehabilitated by listening to Sound Therapy, it is the beginning of positive change.


Sadly, we live in a culture that undervalues good ear function. But once you have a problem with your ears, you start to realise just how important they are.

A well-functioning ear can mean the difference between moving forward in life or feeling stuck in a backwater.

When our ears are working well they have the power to:

… help you connect and build crucial relationships
… keep you moving easily through the world and maintaining freedom and fitness
… access high frequency sounds which are essential nourishment to recharge the brain
… think and focus clearly, unleashing your creativity
… flood your mind and body with renewed energy and vigour

Put simply, the ear is at the core of our nervous system. So when it’s out of balance or if the middle ear muscles have become tight or over contracted, there are serious consequences which affect all areas of our life.

And there is one constant, invisible environmental input that is damaging your ears every day…


We assume its harmless because we can’t see it, but in fact it’s the biggest danger to the health of your ears.


Even if you always wear ear protection, the cumulative effect of noise over many years wears out your hearing system.

It causes tired muscles, damaged sensory cells, and poorly functioning brain pathways, resulting in things like stress, sleeplessness and ear problems.

…chronic blocked ear, hearing loss, sound sensitivity and tinnitus.




Or buzzing, clicking, roaring or hissing

Wonder why your ears keep ringing even though you are no longer exposed to regular noise? It’s a common myth that tinnitus is occurring in the ears. In fact, the repetitive firing of the tinnitus signal is taking place in your brain. Once the ear has been damaged, the auditory pathways in the brain are disturbed, and can end up constantly firing at a particular pitch, creating tinnitus.



The equaliser for air pressure between the middle ear and the outside air is the Eustachian tube. The hammer muscle in the middle ear has several branches that are meant to open and close the Eustachian tube every time you yawn or swallow.

If this fails, there is unequal pressure inside the middle ear, the ear drum is stretched and cannot vibrate, and your ears often feel blocked. If you have trouble equalising, and an annoying feeling of pressure in your ears, it’s due to those muscles not working properly.


being able to hear and converse in a social environment or a noisy workplace. Hearing aids only make it worse by magnifying the background noise. This leaves you cut off and isolated in the situations where hearing really matters.



But noise is not the only cause of tinnitus. Tinnitus can also result from head injury, ear surgery, nutritional deficiency, environmental toxins, ototoxic medications, neck or jaw tension or chronic stress.


Whatever the cause of your tinnitus, the mechanism is the same. Keep reading to learn of a solution which addresses the fundamental processes that are making your tinnitus continue, no matter how it was originally caused.



Diagnosing and treating tinnitus is tricky. If you’ve seen an audiologist or ENT doctor, chances are they weren’t able to pinpoint the issue.

For decades, the middle ear muscles have been ignored by medicine, as though they didn’t even exist.

Hearing professionals are not trained to understand their role, so the ear is regarded as a passive receptor, rather than an active participant in the hearing process.

So understand that this is not your fault.

However, knowing this hands you the power to finally do something about it before it’s too late.




Knowing you have a stressed and damaged hearing system is one thing.

Knowing how to fix your hearing system is another challenge altogether.

If you trust so called experts on Youtube and online, they’ll have you believe it’s simply a case of taking some supplements or singing to yourself.

Or you may have been told that a hearing aid will fix your tinnitus.

It takes more than a hearing aid or a counselling course to really address the cause of your tinnitus

In fact if you get a hearing aid when you don’t really need one, its likely to just annoy you and end up in the drawer.


You see, hearing aids amplify sound. They can’t just amplify the sound you want to hear without amplifying a lot of the background noise as well, so when it comes to hearing in noisy environments, they are likely to make it worse.

The reason that very few practitioners will offer something specific for tinnitus is because its very hard to treat.

Tinnitus is a symptom of damage to your hearing system. This damage has happened slowly and consistently over your life time.

Then one day your auditory system says “enough” and it starts to protest.

That’s tinnitus.

If you’re like many other tinnitus sufferers, your doctor told you nothing can be done, your audiologist suggested a hearing aid, and you’ve been sent home with constant ringing in your ears that no one can explain.

You may have tried gingko biloba, counselling, ear candling, and decided the best solution is to just leave the radio on all night, off the station, to at least drown out the noise while you are sleeping.


Beware of this

Masking isn’t a real solution

One tinnitus management plan that was invented some fifty years ago is tinnitus masking. This means that you play a noise, something like a waterfall, or other sounds or music meant to match or disguise your tinnitus. The idea is that an external sound is more tolerable than hearing your tinnitus.

Many fancy new masking programs exist, and these may have been offered to you, either within a hearing aid or on their own.

Masking does help to provide some relief, but it is not a real solution to the problem. Do not be confused with the difference between covering up tinnitus with a masker and actually treating it by normalising ear function.

For many people, the only way to actually turn off the tinnitus noise is to address the cause, where the damage occurred.

But who is telling you how to repair damage to the auditory system?

Since most practitioners see the ear as a merely passive organ, they are unlikely to offer a way to retrain or rehabilitate it. They just tell you “it’s damaged, and it can’t be repaired, so you may as well go and learn to live with it.”


Yes, millions of people every year are told by their doctors that nothing can be done for their tinnitus.

This is not just incorrect, but dangerous. If you are told to go home and put up with constant, loud, irritating, dominant noise, basically for the rest of your life, it can be pretty depressing.

You feel isolated, hopeless, and angry. Why does no one to seem to care, understand or even to think it’s important?

The truth is that your auditory system is capable of repairing itself, but only if given the right support and stimulus.

If you think of your hearing system as a complex, encoded mystery, there is a code that will unlock it, but the code must be presented carefully to repair and not further damage this delicate system.

There are several parts to your auditory system which each need to be activated in the right way.

Some of these include:



The hammer and stirrup muscles adjust the receptivity of the ear to either let sounds in or block them out. Good tone in these muscles is essential for good hearing.



The tensor veli palatini and levator veli palatini are the primary muscles responsible for Eustachian tube operation. Keeping them healthy is essential if you want your ears to be happy, able to release excess fluid and handle pressure changes with altitude.



The many thousands of stereocilia in the inner ear are required to detect very quiet sounds and to pick up our hugely versatile hearing range from the lowest tones to the highest tones. Stimulation with quiet, high frequency sounds is the input needed to reactivate these cells.



The pathways from the ear to the brain are very complex with several relay stations where we detect sound direction, tone, rhythm, pitch and meaning. This entire system needs to be gently activated to optimise our sound perception.



The primary auditory cortex is in the left hemisphere of the brain where we both receive (Werneke’s area) and create (Broca’s area) language. Different tones register on different parts of the auditory cortex, much like a piano keyboard.



This is the emotional centre of our brain and it plays a key role in tinnitus. If the limbic centre is linked with stressful responses to the tinnitus, it can be very hard to tune into calm. Remapping these brain-links is a key to reducing tinnitus-related stress.

Now you know the specific areas that need to be activated and healed to normalise your hearing and eliminate tinnitus. The next question is how can all this be done without it taking over your life? Please don’t be overwhelmed by the “shop talk” above because…


To see our programs and get started today simply follow this link and see just how affordable our Sound Therapy programs are on our time limited specials right now.

Just like retraining any group of muscles or physical system, opening up the auditory system requires the right sort of stimulation, presented in the right way. Listening to the wrong sounds without knowing what you’re doing can be hazardous… as you’re already well aware!

That’s why so many people give up on treating their tinnitus, because all they have been told about sound is that it damages the ear! But hoping the problem will go away by avoiding sound is just as damaging.

The ear needs sound, but it has to be the right sort of sound, not the wrong sort.

To explain how this information was discovered let me introduce you the brilliant, pioneering ear specialist and ENT doctor, Alfred Tomatis.

Dr Tomatis is known as “the Einstein of the ear.” He devoted over sixty years of research to give us a whole new appreciation of the ear and hearing.

Tomatis received awards from the French Academies of Medicine and Science, and many hundreds of clinics world-wide now practice his methods.

Pioneering Ear Specialist Dr Alfred Tomatis

Tomatis and his work have been featured on ...


Creating enhanced listening around the world…


I first heard of Dr Tomatis when I was visiting Paris and talked to one of his trainee doctors about my mother’s hearing problems. My mother had two problems that are even less understood than tinnitus.

  1. She couldn’t follow a conversation in a room with any back ground noise, like a party or a restaurant. This we call “The Cocktail Party Syndrome”
  2. She couldn’t tolerate any loud noise at all. This is called Hyperacusis or Sound Sensitivity Syndrome.

These two problems had made social contact and being out in the world a constant battle for my mother, leading her to live a very isolated life.
The doctor I met in Paris told me that Sound Therapy would fix my mother’s condition.

This was amazing as we had never met anyone who even knew of these conditions, let alone had a cure for them!

It turned out that Dr Tomatis’s Sound Therapy was exactly the right treatment for my mother’s unusual hearing problems.

This was amazing as we had never met anyone who even knew of these conditions, let alone had a cure for them!

It turned out that Dr Tomatis’s Sound Therapy was exactly the right treatment for my mother’s unusual hearing problems.

The Sound Therapy approach is unique because it works with the active systems of the ear and brain to retrain those mechanisms and

resolve the cause of the problem.


While most practitioners talk about “hearing”, Dr Tomatis focuses on “listening”, the process by which the ear and brain work together to receive and interpret sound.

Tomatis developed a device called the Electronic Ear which filters sound in such a way as to activate and rehabilitate the natural ear to recover its full frequency range.

Several different processes are applied using gating, filtration, frequency enhancement and right-ear emphasis to transform normal classical music into Sound Therapy.

Sound Waves

Over the next few months my mother attended a Sound Therapy clinic in Montreal with the doctor I had met in Paris. The Sound Therapy treatment worked like a miracle and she overcame her cocktail party syndrome and sound sensitivity in a matter of a few weeks.

Not only that, but she had other “side effects” which she claimed were even better than the cure! The Sound Therapy also eliminated her chronic exhaustion, chronic insomnia and her writers block!

So in her sixties, after decades of coping with these debilitating conditions, suddenly she was like a new woman, sleeping like a baby every night and feeling ten years younger.


But did my mother have tinnitus you ask? No, she didn’t.

The discovery of how the program helps tinnitus came a little later.
Let me explain how that happened.

Now at the time when my mother had the treatment, she had to attend the clinic every day (but don’t worry…that is no longer the case!)

She had to sit for three hours in the clinic, wearing big headphones, attached to a whole room full of sound equipment, listening to the specially filtered classical music that makes up this unique Sound Therapy program.

The music gradually retrained her ears and all the brain pathways for hearing, changing the response of her entire nervous system to sound.


Unfortunately, once she left the clinic and moved to Western Canada, the benefits wore off. The new, bouncing, limitless energy slipped away, and she found herself struggling again just to get to sleep.

Did she leave it at that? No. What my mother did next, changed the future experience of tinnitus sufferers for generations.


Events transpired that she met some Benedictine monks in Western Canada who were using the Tomatis Therapy in their special school. The monks helped her to adapt Sound Therapy into a portable program for the first time ever, releasing it on cassette tape for the Sony Walkman ™ in the 1980s.

The full story is told in my mother’s book:
Sound Therapy, Music to Recharge your Brain


Sound Therapy…on the move!

Listening to portable Sound Therapy is something you can do as you go about your day, now on our tiny digital player. So all you have to do is put in the earphones and press play. Once you learn how, it literally only takes 30 seconds to put it on, and then carry on with your day!

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Sound Therapy is Portable,
Affordable and Easy

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In this book my mother made the theories of Dr Tomatis clear and accessible for the lay reader. She shared many remarkable stories of recovery from ear related conditions as well as brain disorders and psychological problems from autism to epilepsy.

It was only after the book had been released that people started writing to us and telling us that the program had cured their tinnitus!

Now in its 12th edition, with over 50,000 copies sold, the book is now full of accounts from our listeners who have overcome tinnitus, plus dizziness, Meniere’s syndrome, hyperacusis, hearing loss, industrial deafness, learning and memory problems and many stress and anxiety related conditions.

In its first two years, the book went by word of mouth to over 45 countries, and our program has continued to be used successfully by tinnitus sufferers all over the world for the last 29 years.

Here are just a few quotes from our happy listeners.


“I'm thrilled with the results. It’s very beneficial in terms of energy, and the tinnitus is hardly there anymore.”

Alan Foster, NSW, Australia

“Sound Therapy seems to hold my tinnitus at bay. I also found so many other benefits I was frankly knocked over by it.”

Bruce, Australia


“After about 3 weeks of beginning the Sound Therapy, the ringing in my ears began to subside. Along with that my hearing also began to improve. I am able to sleep better and am doing less needless worrying. In fact my entire well being is showing a vast improvement.”

Dan Stuckel, Red Deer, Alberta, Canada

“I had tinnitus for approximately 10 months and it had been diagnosed as Menieres disease by an ENT specialist much to my horror and I was told there was nothing I could do. I eventually decided to give Sound Therapy a go. Within three weeks I was noticing a change and I was less stressed about the whole experience of tinnitus. Within four to five weeks it was gone and I was overjoyed. I want to thank you so much as I feel you saved my life, I truly honestly felt like I had been reborn.”

Barbara Beston, Western Australia


“I am absolutely delighted to affirm that my tinnitus (of almost 20 year's duration) has responded beyond my wildest dreams to Sound Therapy. The cicadas have all but vanished. Also I can hear sounds that previously were hidden from me, such as the ticking of the bedside clock and the turn indicators in the car.”

Susan Butterfield New South Wales, Australia:

Yes, Sound Therapy has transformed the lives of countless listeners, and the very same program is available to you now.



Sound Therapy gives you a practical, effortless program you can order today to begin rebuilding the natural health and resilience of your amazing auditory system for better hearing, tinnitus relief, plus enhanced energy, focus and brain performance.

Dr Tomatis’ remarkable discoveries now completely available for you – Sound Therapy…on the move!

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What do you get when you purchase a Sound Therapy Program?


A fully supported, home based listening program…

When you purchase a Sound Therapy program you are buying everything you need to follow your own, portable Sound Therapy program in a way that is effortless, convenient and highly beneficial for most listeners.


The music on a player, plus full support:

What’s in the box
• Your pack includes a high quality music player you can wear on a lanyard, pre-loaded with your chosen program,


• USB A/C charger with cable, carry case and extras


The coaching tools:

Our coaching materials, carefully developed over the last 20 years, will empower you to manage your own program, with our expert support.

These include our book, workbook, online videos, plus our Listener Support Program delivered via email for at least three months. Included are interactive coaching tools and videos plus telephone support, when you need it, to answer your clinical and technical questions.

Optional extras:

1. Choose a high quality headphone from our recommended range to ensure you get the best value from your program.

2. If you want to increase your body’s ability to get maximum benefit from the program choose the Triple Mode Package, including:Image

a. Nutrition for the ears, proven to support tinnitus recovery.

b. Bone Conduction headphones with coaching videos to deliver sound stimulus directly to the inner ear, building different brain pathways and more immediate embodiment of the sound frequencies.

3. if you choose the Deluxe Package, you will get Level 2, advanced, Ear Brain Connections Program to take your results to a higher level, and our top of the range studio style headphone with directional sound delivery to optimise full auditory integration


We care:

We don’t just sell and forget, we hold your hand all the way through your listening program. This is because we understand the complications of the conditions you will be attempting to treat with Sound Therapy and we want you to get the best result.


Here are some typical comments our listeners say about our support.

“I got much better support from your company than I did when I undertook a clinic based program for several thousand dollars.”

“Your team is always extremely helpful on the phone and via Skype and email.”

“I really appreciate being able to ring up and speak to a health consultant when I need to.”

“Your patience and understanding helped me through the program to get results I never dreamed possible!”

“After viewing all your materials I can see this product has a lot of genuine clinical science behind it.”

“I loved the book, and all the tools you provide make the program easy to follow.


Compare the cost with other alternatives

Our portable Sound Therapy is extremely affordable, being about one tenth of the cost you would pay for similar treatment in a clinic. There are specialist Tomatis listening clinics, and there are other clinic-based tinnitus treatments which all come in at several thousand dollars.


Listeners have reported even better results with our program because it is so convenient and allows for long-term ease of use for busy people.

Tested and proven over several decades, we are confident that Sound Therapy is the most effective, convenient and best value for money you will find.



Depending on the severity of your condition and your available resources, you can choose from these three package options for beginning listeners. All of them include the Listening Foundation Program, to condition your ear muscles and auditory system at the pace that is right for you.

(Our powerful, advanced programs, which you can look into later, have thrilled our listeners with life-long, outstanding results, for hearing, brain performance and deep inner peace.)

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Add the benefits of nutritional support and bone conducted sound to improve your results


Contains everything in the Triple Mode package plus our very best headphones and both Level One and Level Two programs.

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You will likely experience immediate results the very first time you use Sound Therapy. Most people find they sleep better the very first night.

Only through consistently stimulating your ears and brain with this rich and beneficial high frequency sound can you start repairing the damage done to your auditory system and start supporting it to heal, naturally.
But first a warning…this doesn’t work 100% for everyone.

Everyone’s auditory system is different, and it’s impossible to know exactly what results you will get. What I can say, is that it will stimulate your auditory system, and to the degree that your system is capable of improving, this program will help that to happen.

If you use the program regularly, as directed, there is a very good chance that you will have significant improvement to your tinnitus, hearing, sleep, stress and general wellbeing, as most of our listeners do.

I can guarantee that you won’t find an easier program to pick up and start using…and once you have learned how to use it, it really does only take 30 seconds a day, to put it on and press play.

To see the remarkable savings we’re offering for a limited time only, follow this link and give yourself the gift of better ear and brain health…for life.



  • Sound Therapy is a dynamic exercise program for the ear actually re-trains the middle ear muscles to restore normal responsiveness to the ears.
  • Sound Therapy uses a specialised filtering system that was created by the brilliant ear specialist, Dr Tomatis to make music into the most stimulating, enlivening sound you could ever hear.
  • As the ear is opens to admit high frequency sounds, more stimulation is received by the actual hearing organ and hair cells in the inner ear, bringing them back to life sometimes even after years of damage and degeneration.
  • High frequency sound builds the brain. The brain is ‘plastic’ so it responds to sound and re-learns how to listen correctly. This is the easiest and most effective way to build and reorganise brain pathways.
  • At least ten different brain centres are activated by classical music, so our whole experience of sound is normalised by this whole-brain treatment.
  • Links are re-mapped between the auditory centre and the limbic centre where we feel stress reactions, so that we are no longer emotionally ‘triggered’ by our tinnitus.
  • Normalising muscle function also resolves problems of chronic blocked ear, by opening the Eustachian tube. Finally, relief for that chronic, intractable blocked ear!
  • Reducing twitches and spasms in the stirrup muscle brings dramatic relief for Meniere’s vertigo. Listeners find the sudden dizzy attacks just fade away.
  • Retraining of the auditory system makes hearing over background noise much easier, even for those with serious “cocktail party syndrome”. Socialising in groups is possible again!
  • Over-sensitivity to sound is reduced when the middle ear muscles are re-toned. Sound tolerance is normalised, as the ear regains its natural flexible volume range.
  • You are guided by our tailored step by step program in the workbook so that you can progressively and gradually adapt to the Sound Therapy at the right pace for you.
  • Patricia and Rafaele Joudry’s books make you into your own expert so you can conduct your program with expertise and confidence.
  • Our email support and free telephone support mean you are never alone and have all the back up and information you need right at your fingertips. We are with you all the way!
  • You can get through to a real person, easily, every time you call us. (During Sydney, Australia office hours). We return our messages too!
  • The ear is at the centre of your nervous system, so any improvement in ear function echoes throughout your whole body, optimising your sense of wellbeing.
  • The brain needs high frequency sound for 3 hours every day to function at optimum potential. Sound Therapy is the only way to deliver this.
  • Reconditioning the auditory system is the best and most realistic way to reduce or eliminate tinnitus by remapping the entire auditory system.