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If you are experiencing stress, anxiety, fatigue, insomnia, grief or other emotional issues, please explore how Sound Therapy could help you by selecting one of the links under “Learn more about:” on the side of this page.

Sound Therapy is an easy and enjoyable program which brings fast and lasting relief to a wide array of stress related conditions. By calming the nervous system and reducing stress responses in the brain, it makes life easier and more pleasant.

Sound Therapy is unique because

  • It uses sound to change the brain’s response to stress
  • It is enjoyable, calming and easy to do
  • It supports a more normal balance of neurochemicals
  • It enhances emotional intelligence
  • It fits easily in to your day, taking no time at all

When we react with stress, anxiety or difficult emotions, this is fuelled by both our beliefs and habits, and by our brain structure and chemical balance. Our stress levels can be altered through counselling and re-training, through medication or through sensory stimulation. The fact that we can change our stress responses so effectively through sensory stimulation is little known, yet the effect of music on the emotions is widely accepted.

Sound Therapy is much more than just using music to calm the emotions. It works directly on re-structuring and rebalancing the neural pathways and brain centres to correct and balance our instinctual emotional responses to events.

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