Patricia Proenza, Finchley, London, U.K.

There have been changes, which I hardly dare believe are happening. There has been a reawakening of the musical ‘spark’ within me.

Having been trained as a pianist and taken a degree in music and also composed, my life seemed to fall apart in my early twenties, when suffering a severely strained shoulder which didn’t seem to get better. That was fifteen years ago, so what is happening now, the beginning of a reawakening, is for me a miracle. I am so thrilled that the fire inside has been re-ignited, even if it is a small flame. I have recently composed a piece of music, which is at least a beginning. I have realized too that I have improved mentally – I seem to be more positive, brighter, and much less prone to feelings of despair, unworthiness etc. My friends have noticed quite a difference in me - more than I have, as the changes have been gradual.