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Tinnitus & Hearing

Natural hearing improvement is possible by stimulating the ears & brain. The ear muscles, sensory cells & brain pathways respond to sound.

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Children & Learning

Sound can form new brain connections & improve auditory processing. When the brain is recognising sound efficiently, children can listen & learn.

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Emotional & Stress Relief

Find deep inner calm & restorative sleep by calming the nervous system with Sound Therapy, gaining communication & emotional intelligence.

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Brain Performance

High frequency sounds release latent energy in the brain. Memory, focus & creative thinking are intensified to enhance brain performance.

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What is Sound Therapy?

Sound Therapy is a portable listening program to benefit your ears and brain. Listening to this unique, filtered music relieves tinnitus and other ear problems while also enhancing your brain performance.

Sound therapy is effective for:

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What Causes Tinnitus

Did you know that tinnitus affects almost one in five of the population?

While many of us suffer from mild ringing in the ears on a daily basis, some sufferers experience much louder rushing or roaring sounds which can have a dramatic effect on everyday living, causing stress, anxiety, the inability to sleep and even problems with hearing.

Luckily, we do know what causes tinnitus, and so it’s been possible to come up with some innovative treatments which can significantly reduce the impact of these ringing noises and improve hearing too.

What is tinnitus caused by?

The ringing sound you hear is caused by the repetitive firing of brain cells in your auditory pathway. This usually happens after some kind of damage to your hearing. This may be due to an infection, a blow to the ear or from listening to music at high volumes. These characteristic noises can range from mildly irritating ringing, buzzing or humming sounds to more intrusive rushing, pulsating or roaring noises.

So, as we know the causes of tinnitus, we’ve been able to devise tinnitus treatments which target the heart of the problem – the damage to the auditory pathways.

How can we treat tinnitus?

Our sound therapy tinnitus treatment goes right to the core of the tinnitus causes. By using specially filtered and activated sound waves and combining with them with classical music, we’ve developed a sound vibration therapy that has the ability to stimulate and enhance the areas of the brain that are responsible for creating auditory pathways. This enables the brain to build new pathways, and stop the repetitive tinnitus signals from firing.

So, not only do you get long-lasting relief from the annoying ringing sounds, but you’ll usually find that your hearing improves too. While you may find that you experience some improvement from the very first session of the tinnitus treatment therapy, most patients report significant improvements in 6 to 12 weeks, although for some it does take longer.

No need to visit a surgery or clinic with our tinnitus home cure

That’s right. All our consultations are conducted by qualified Sound Therapy sound consultants via Skype or over the phone. Following your consultation, you can start your treatment at home by simply listening to our sound therapy on a music player through headphones. You don’t have to pay attention, and as the sound therapy is at a low volume, you can carry on with normal activities, such as watching TV or listening to music. You can even take a nap if you prefer or undergo therapy as you drop off to sleep at night, as the sound waves work deep into your brain.

Tinnitus is often caused by damage that has occurred within the inner ear

Although you may be a little worried that tinnitus may be a sign of something more serious, this is unlikely to be the case. Tinnitus is generally caused by changes that occur within the cochlea in the inner ear.

While we do already have a good understanding of the causes of tinnitus, continuous research allows us to gain further knowledge and to develop new treatments that don’t just mask the irritating noises, but which work on the auditory system to correct the problem.

A problem that only you are aware of?

When you’re in a silent environment you may become aware of a hissing sound in your ear. This is the sound of activity within the cochlea of your ear, and although it may be intrusive for you, only you can hear it.

During normal everyday life, you may not necessarily hear the noises as they will be masked by environmental sounds, such as traffic, music, the TV, or just the sounds of normal life. And, as your brain has the ability to filter out meaningless sounds, you’re less likely to notice these sounds.

Many people suffer from mild tinnitus, where the noises although annoying, are not intrusive enough to cause significant problems. However, for others, their tinnitus is so severe that the constant noise interferes with their daily life. Tinnitus can include noises such as ringing, rushing, buzzing or clanging.

So, what is tinnitus caused by?

As we’ve already seen, tinnitus is caused by the repetitive firing of brain cells in your auditory pathway. This could be as a result of damage to the inner ear through being exposed to high volumes of sound for prolonged periods.

It could also occur as a result of damage from an infection, or through a disorder such as hearing loss or Meniere’s disease.

Unfortunately, many people suffer from age-related tinnitus, where the auditory nerve or cochlea is damaged by ‘wear and tear’.

Other causes of tinnitus

In some instances, tinnitus is caused by a blockage in the auditory canal, usually in the outer or middle part of the ear. These blockages could be caused by a build-up of wax or by otosclerosis where abnormal bone grows around one of the tiny bones in the middle ear.

Less commonly, the tinnitus cause could be an underlying condition such as a neurological disorder or a metabolic disorder, including diabetes, hypo- and hyperthyroidism.

Some sufferers have also developed tinnitus by taking high doses of aspirin or antibiotics, while others find that their tinnitus gets worse when they’re under emotional stress.

Learn more about the causes of tinnitus

If you’d like to learn more about the causes and treatments available for tinnitus, download our FREE eBook Triumph Over Tinnitus, which explains everything you need to know about the condition, together with information to help you to make an informed decision about trying our Sound Therapy.

Take the first steps now. Take our online assessment and download our eBook ‘Triumph Over Tinnitus’ via our website. Alternatively, call 1300 55 77 96 and speak to one our qualified Sound Therapy Consultants.

My Sound Therapy offer tinnitus treatment sound therapy options for the treatment of tinnitus. Although there are no cures for tinnitus available, we can offer sound therapy healing & tinnitus retraining therapy services that provide tinnitus relief.
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What experts say

Catherine McLennan, B.ED, DIP Teaching

“I have used Sound Therapy successfully for children to improve their auditory memory and auditory processing. I highly recommend its use to accelerate learning.”

Catherine McLennan, B.ED, DIP Teaching

Dr Donna Segal – AU.D Indianapolis

“As an audiologist, Sound Therapy has been the missing link to assist my patients. I would recommend Sound Therapy and Triumph Over Tinnitus to anyone contacting me about tinnitus.”

Dr Donna Segal – AU.D Indianapolis

Television Appearances

Rafaele Joudry on Sunrise

Mother and child explain how Sound Therapy helped to enhance auditory processing thereby improving the child’s speech and learning ability.

Topic: Learning Difficulties

Rafaele Joudry on The Circle

How a child overcame delayed reading due to an auditory processing disorder. Learn how Sound Therapy activates the auditory system to assist ADD autism and other learning difficulties.

Topic: Learning Difficulties

Rafaele Joudry on the Today Show

Rafaele Joudry explains the causes of tinnitus and demonstrates the workings of the ear. What is tinnitus and how does Sound Therapy enhance brain plasticity to relieve tinnitus.

Topic: Tinnitus

Sound Therapy on 2nd Opinion

Eric Mutton had tinnitus for sixty years after working as an aeroplane mechanic. This program documents how a long term tinnitus sufferer recovered completely after six month of Sound Therapy treatment.

Topic: Tinnitus

  • Barbara Adamson, Bowen Practitioner

    “I have found benefits from Sound Therapy through improved concentration and absorbing more information while studying for my university degree.  Also an improvement in hearing has helped me to enjoy life more.”

    Barbara Adamson, Bowen Practitioner

  • Bridget Rowan – Sydney, Australia

    “Three months after starting the program my tinnitus disappeared and has never returned. Other benefits are feeling less stressed, more concentration and more energy. The program is so easy to use, I’m very grateful this is available and it really works on tinnitus.”

    Bridget Rowan – Sydney, Australia

  • Dave See, Miner and Truck Driver – Queensland, Australia

    “Thanks to Sound Therapy I now enjoy a better way of life and it’s still getting better. The tinnitus has faded and my hearing has improved significantly.   There is a saying “you get what you pay for”. Well I believe that you get much more than what you pay for with Sound Therapy.”

    Dave See, Miner and Truck Driver – Queensland, Australia

  • Dr. Caresse Cranwell – Pottsville, Qld

    “Having had chronic fatigue for many years, sleep is crucial to my wellbeing. After menopause insomnia was a regular problem until I tried Sound Therapy and found I would drop off easily in a few minutes.”

    Dr. Caresse Cranwell – Pottsville, Qld

  • Narelle Russell Farmer – Narooma, NSW

    “Since using Sound Therapy my hearing is much better and my tinnitus has disappeared. But more importantly for me was that my memory greatly improved, as being visually impaired, I rely on my memory for everything.”

    Narelle Russell Farmer – Narooma, NSW

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