Will Bayley, Western Australia

My granddaughter started on the system only 4 days ago and my wife, my daughter and myself cannot believe the unbelievable improvement in that short amount of time. Her phonics were incoherent to the average person due to her inability to create the correct sounds. For “you” she would say “woo” and mostly I would have to ask her to repeat it or my daughter would tell me what she said. She would also say in sentence “me” instead of “I” so she would say to me, “Me love woo pop” and she would find it hard to string more than two to three words in a sentence. Today, which is the 4th day on the system, 2 hours in the morning and three hours at night, she said to my wife as clear as a bell in the shoe shop today, “I don’t want those shoes, I want the other ones”. My wife Lyn was gobsmacked.