Brandy Graham – Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada

My five-year-old son, Quannah, has always been very hyperactive with an energy that just bounces off the walls. He also showed a lot of anger. I obtained the Sound Therapy children’s program, and let him listen to this for an hour or so each day – letting him feel it was a privilege, and in no way forcing the therapy on him. In about two weeks there was a noticeable change in his behavior. He became very quiet and calm, and somehow mellow – and he also seemed much happier. When he contracted the measles, I let him have the program to listen to in bed, and there was great improvement in his sleep pattern. Sometime later, when he caught an ear infection at a public swimming pool, and was in a lot of pain and distress, I again played the Sound Therapy program for him, and the pain went out of his ears. I’m sure the Sound Therapy was responsible for his rapid healing.