Resolve and Release (USA) – Lvl 2 Program


  • Music Player – Sontegrity
  • Six hours of Sound Therapy Music
  • Inner Peace Program & Workbook – 4 albums on Sontegrity player
  • Three month Listener Support Program
  • Charger and carry case

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Emotional Intelligence Series

Emotional Intelligence Series Level 2

The Resolve and Release Music Program Level 2 — Intended for use after 3 months of listening to Level 1, Listening Foundation Program. This program takes you to a deeper level in the process of stress reduction and emotional healing.

The Sontegrity Sound Therapy player is light, convenient and durable, and specially engineered to deliver the Sound Therapy high frequency spectrum. It comes preloaded with six hours of progressively filtered Sound Therapy music. The unique activation and filtering of the music, based on the ground breaking techniques developed by Dr Tomatis, delivers a powerful therapeutic program for the ears and brain.


A journey of self discovery
Emotional intelligence describes our capacity for self-awareness and impulse control, persistence at a task, motivation, zeal, and our ability to feel empathy and be effective communicators. High emotional intelligence enables us to be resolved and comfortable within ourselves, to handle life’s demands effectively and maintain a positive and productive state of mind.

The Emotional Intelligence series is precisely designed to nurture and strengthen all of these aspects that comprise our emotional intelligence.

The Resolve and Release Program is designed to:

  • Help resolve family or workplace issues.
  • Reframe habits of communication and self-talk.
  • Assist in facing challenges, handling stressful situations or adjusting to changing circumstances.

The program specifically addresses: Stress, Anger, Disappointment, Resentment, Hostility, Frustration, Cognitive dissonance, Impatience, Tension, Discontent.

It helps you to feel calm and in control of your situation, and provides: Resolution, Forgiveness, Freedom, Better Negotiation, Communication, Letting go, Reframing, Love and Peace.

Recent research has shown that activating certain brain centres in the right cerebral cortex assists in the resolution of difficult emotional states. This process is assisted by Sound Therapy. The filtering techniques, in combination with the music choices, make the Resolve and Release program a powerful support to this process.


This program consists of 4 albums, each approximately 60 minutes in length

Album 1 Letting Go

Chopin Concertos, Fantasia, Bruch concerto, Beethoven Romance.

The first part of emotional resolution is to reduce the state of arousal to enable breathing, heart rate and neurochemicals to settle back to normal levels. This album will give a sense of acknowledgement to the emotions, allowing the brain to more quickly process thoughts and feelings so that a state of inner balance can be achieved.

Album 2 Re-Framing

Chopin Selections, Mozart Fantasia, Beethoven sonata, Schuman Cello Concerto.

When an event triggers a reaction in the brain and emotions, this occurs in three phases. First the event takes place, and is registered by the sensory pathways. i.e. a long cylindrical object slides onto the path in front of you. Then this event is perceived by the brain and an understanding occurs of what has taken place. i.e. that is a snake and it’s looking at me. Then this is linked to past experiences and memories, and based on these, is given an interpretation. i.e. snakes are dangerous and can kill you. I have seen other people panic when faced with snakes, so I am going to panic.

In order to change our reactions to events, the way that we interpret events needs to change. This album assists with this process.

Album 3 Resolution

Ravel Intro and Allegro, Bax Trio, Schubert Trout Concerto, Mozart Piano Concerto.

Resolution can occur once we find new ways of understanding the world and our role in it. The music on this album helps us to bring more parts of the brain and nervous system into our service to reach a resolution within ourselves.

Album 4 Peace of Mind

Beethoven Pathetique, Mozart Trio, Grieg Romantic Melodies.

Reassurance and peace of mind come from the reconciliation of conflicting or disturbing beliefs and thoughts. Self acceptance and acceptance of others can occur when the right perspective is brought to life’s events. The music and filtering processes on this album help to bring all these factors together.


Workbook for Resolve and Release

The Resolve and Release Workbook will introduce specific self awareness exercises for further engaging our way of processing feelings such as Stress, Anger, Resentment and Frustration. When used in conjunction with the listening program, this process can bring about significant change in your life.

After following this program and using all the tools, you will have the resources to reach a deeper state of awareness and fulfillment within yourself.

Listener Support Program for Resolve and Release

When you embark on a new Sound Therapy program it is helpful to have additional listening tips and reminders along the way. Our Resolve and Release Listener Support Program delivers emails for your first three months, tailored to the issues and questions usually experienced by people on this program.

Emotional Intelligence requires adaptation on several levels: cognitive, emotional and physical. The interactive processes presented at the right stage of your listening will assist these important changes.

This program keeps you linked in with the different treatment options and supportive exercises you can do. It introduces other forms of sensory stimulation or the latest visualisation techniques to further enhance your Sound Therapy listening.

If you have any concerns or questions you are also welcome to call and speak to one of our Qualified Health Consultants at any time during your Listener Support Program.

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