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Listening Pleasure (USA) – Lvl 4 Program


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  • Music Player – Sontegrity
  • Six hours of Sound Therapy Music
  • Listening Pleasure Program & Workbook – 4 albums on Sontegrity player
  • Three month Listener Support Program
  • Charger and carry case

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Natural Hearing Improvement Series

Natural Hearing Improvement Series Level 4

Listening Pleasure Program Level 4 — Intended for use after Level 3 of the Natural Hearing Improvement Series, this program introduces new techniques not previously used in Sound Therapy recordings.

  • The music is blended with nature sounds, giving you the calming emotional impact of being in nature amongst frogs, birds and running water, the natural environment our ears have evolved to enjoy.
  • Selections specifically designed to create integration between different brain pathways and sensory systems.
  • Within each recording, the high frequencies are subtly augmented without disrupting the enjoyment of the full sound.

Those of you who used our old Full Spectrum will know the story of how Patricia Joudry developed this technique to give the pleasure of listening to the ‘full spectrum’ of music combined with the benefit of highly filtered Sound Therapy. This means you can enjoy the rich base sounds without missing out on the high frequency brain stimulation. In fact this combination has unexpected benefits for the whole nervous system, as all our receptive centres are stimulated at once, in effect combining the spiritual and physical responses.

We are now able to integrate the process of high and low within the same piece of music. This means you will not audibly hear the high tracks, but they are still there. In addition we have now combined it with nature sounds, giving you the calming emotional impact of being in nature amongst frogs, birds and running water, the natural environment our ears have evolved to enjoy.

The dual stimulation of high and low is also the ultimate massage and maintenance program for the ear, letting the ear muscles continually cycle through their full range of movement. Therefore it is a powerful program to support and maintain optimum ear function for the long term.

Why is this Program important?

Research on brain plasticity and Sound Therapy shows that:

  • Awareness is enhanced by multi-sensory input
  • Natural sounds are soothing and calming to the nervous system
  • Random sound events enhance attention
  • Hearing perceptionis improved by brain stimulation
  • Pleasurable sounds are more beneficial

The Sontegrity Sound Therapy player is light, convenient and durable, and specially engineered to deliver the Sound Therapy high frequency spectrum. It comes preloaded with six hours of progressively filtered Sound Therapy music. The unique activation and filtering of the music, based on the ground breaking techniques developed by Dr Tomatis, delivers a powerful therapeutic program for the ears and brain.


This program consists of 4 albums, each approximately 80 to 90 minutes in length

Album 1 Full Spectrum Awareness

Haydn Cello Concerto, Monn Cello Concerto, Mozart Serenade for 13 Wind Instruments.

In this album the music is presented in integrated Full Spectrum, so a very highly filtered version of the same music is gradually added into the full spectrum sound. This gives added stimulation very subtly, so the full tonal depth of the music can be appreciated while still benefitting from high frequency filtration. Due to your experience with earlier programs, your ear will now respond to this subtle addition. Gradually introduced nature sounds add to the sense of blissful relaxation.

Album 2 Full Spectrum in Nature

Mozart Concertante, Mozart Quintets.

This album uses similar techniques again to the first album but with a greater intensity introduced through the Full spectrum filtering and the integration of the natural sounds.

Album 3 Opening to Full Spectrum

Mozart Flute Concerto, Bach Suite, Gluck Theme from Orphée and Eurydice, Crussell Divertimento, Barth Divertimento, Rameau Wind Quintet.

In this album the addition of high band sounds is consistent throughout, giving a continuously stimulating activation of the ear and the brain’s auditory centres. In addition the whole music is processed with the Electronic Ear, adding muscular stimulation to the mix.

Album 4 Nature’s Energy

Gluck Flute Concerto, Boccherini Flute Concerto, Mozart String Quartet, Haydn String Quartet, Dittersdorf String Quartet, Vanhal String Quartet.

This album introduces a triple mix, where the high band of sound is both incorporated within the whole music and also added in a completely different music track, which you may notice intermittently. This not only stretches the auditory apparatus, but invites the attention to expand on a new level, further enhancing the subtleties of good listening. All this is accompanied by a symphony of nature sounds, to add a sense of belonging and harmony to the whole experience.


Workbook for Listening Pleasure

The Listening Pleasure Workbook invites you to practice a series of listening awareness exercises which will enhance not only your sensory integration but your social integration with others whom you care about.

Listening is the essence of how we connect with others and express our love and understanding. Without the ability to listen, we are isolated and unable to make those deep human linkages that give meaning to our lives.

Each exercise involves “home work” which will take you into aspects of your self and your relationships that may have been blocked or stifled in some way. The combined effect of undertaking these activities while using Sound Therapy may open up your life in surprising ways if you follow the instructions.


Listener Support Program for Building Ear-Brain Connections

When you embark on a new Sound Therapy program it is helpful to have additional listening tips and reminders along the way. Our Listening Pleasure Listener Support Program delivers emails for your first three months, tailored to the issues and questions usually experienced by people on this program.

Natural Hearing Improvement requires adaptation on several levels: cognitive, emotional and physical. The interactive processes presented at the right stage of your listening will assist these important changes.

This program keeps you linked in with the different treatment options and supportive exercises you can do. It introduces other forms of sensory stimulation or the latest visualisation techniques to further enhance your Sound Therapy listening.

If you have any concerns or questions you are also welcome to call and speak to one of our Qualified Health Consultants at any time during your Listener Support Program.

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