Inner Peace (USA ) – Lvl 3 Program


Program Includes

  • Music Player – Sontegrity
  • Six hours of Sound Therapy Music
  • Inner Peace Program & Workbook – 4 albums on Sontegrity player
  • Three month Listener Support Program
  • Charger and carry case

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Emotional Intelligence Series

Emotional Intelligence Series Level 3

Inner Peace Music Program Level 3 — Intended for use after Level 2 of the Emotional Intelligence Series, this program takes you to a deeper level in the process of stress reduction and emotional healing.

The Sontegrity Sound Therapy player is light, convenient and durable, and specially engineered to deliver the Sound Therapy high frequency spectrum. It comes preloaded with six hours of progressively filtered Sound Therapy music. The unique activation and filtering of the music, based on the ground breaking techniques developed by Dr Tomatis, delivers a powerful therapeutic program for the ears and brain.


A Journey of Self Discovery

Emotional intelligence describes our capacity for self-awareness and impulse control, persistence at a task, motivation, zeal, and our ability to feel empathy and be effective communicators. High emotional intelligence enables us to be resolved and comfortable within ourselves, to handle life’s demands effectively and maintain a positive and productive state of mind.

The Emotional Intelligence series is precisely designed to nurture and strengthen all of these aspects that comprise our emotional intelligence.

The Inner Peace Program is designed to:

  • Help resolve chronic stress and anxiety
  • Deepen your ability to reach a state of profound inner peace
  • Assist in facing fears, calming the mind and the emotions, developing inner confidence and self worth.

This program is essential for enhancing your work-life balance. It helps to achieve deep inner calm and peaceful sleep, while reducing anxietyworry and chronic stress

Very soothing to the nervous system, this program calms the mind while also improving the depth and quality of sleep and dreams.

Addresses: Fear, Anxiety, Shame, Panic disorder, Post Traumatic Stress, Chronic Fatigue, Worry, Phobias, Insecurity, Pain, Vulnerability.

Enhances: self affirmation, faith, courage, confidence, calm mind, autonomy, self assurance and deep inner peace.

Recent research has shown that certain types of music can help to entrain the brain to deeper states of relaxation. These principles are combined with Sound Therapy filtering in this program to achieve the ultimate state of calm. The filtering techniques, in combination with the music choices, make the Inner Peace program a powerful support to this process.


This program consists of 6 albums, each approximately 60 minutes in length

Album 1 Wind Down

After a stressful day, the ability to wind down and allow the body systems to restore themselves is paramount to our state of long term health. This album will assist you to allow that process after any stressful times, as opposed to ruminating and re-hashing events, causing continued stress to build up.

Album 2 Relax and Regenerate

It takes time to regenerate the body and brain after the impact of stress. This album takes you through a journey of restoration and sustained calm to restore normal, restful neurological and physical processes essential for healing and inner calm.

Album 3 Deep Sleep

The brain and body are restored by deep sleep. The majority of Sound Therapy listeners report a significant enhancement of their quality of sleep after or during Sound Therapy. This album uses music specifically selected and filtered for the optimum impact on deep, restorative, restful sleep. It can of course also be used at any time to induce a state of deep calm even during daily activities.

Album 4 Tranquility

Tranquility depends in part on being in a state of resolution in our mind and our emotions. Disturbing thoughts can interrupt tranquillity, even in a peaceful environment. The ability to resolve issues and settle our mind requires the right beliefs, reactions, confidence and conclusions in our thinking. The brain is capable of achieving such resolution, provided it has the right environment and support tools to do so. The combination of processes in the Workbook plus the music on this album will assist such resolution so that tranquillity is possible.

Album 5 Calm Confidence

Confidence comes naturally when our needs are met and we feel comfortable with ourselves in the world. As you work towards this process through using the program, this album will assist in anchoring and manifesting this feeling.

Album 6 Revive

Energy naturally flows when we are content, fulfilled and problems are being resolved. This final album completes the cycle of detachment, awareness, resolution and healing that can be achieved through the Inner Peace program.


Workbook for Inner Peace

The Inner Peace Workbook deepens the process of personal development started with the Resolve and Release program. Exercises for self-exploration are used to help you delve into the causes and solutions for many emotions at the root of fear, stress, anxiety and conflict.

After following this program and using all the tools, you will have the resources to reach a deeper state of awareness and fulfillment within yourself.


Listener Support Program for Inner Peace

When you embark on a new Sound Therapy program it is helpful to have additional listening tips and reminders along the way. Our Inner Peace Listener Support Program delivers emails for your first three months, tailored to the issues and questions usually experienced by people on this program.

Emotional Intelligence requires adaptation on several levels: cognitive, emotional and physical. The interactive processes presented at the right stage of your listening will assist these important changes.

This program keeps you linked in with the different treatment options and supportive exercises you can do. It introduces other forms of sensory stimulation or the latest visualisation techniques to further enhance your Sound Therapy listening.

If you have any concerns or questions you are also welcome to call and speak to one of our Qualified Health Consultants at any time during your Listener Support Program.

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