Ear Brain Connection (USA) – Lvl 2 Program


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Natural Hearing Improvement Series Level 2
Building Ear Brain Connections Program   

On Screen Max 3 Player

Program Includes

1. Building Ear Brain Connections Music Program  –  4 albums on Screen Max 3 player
2. Screen Max 3 player with charger and earphones
3. Building Ear Brain Connections Workbook
4. 3 month email and telephone Listener Support Program

The Building Ear-Brain Connections Music Program Level 2    

In the Building Ear-Brain Connections albums, newly developed recording techniques have been used which are more subtle but also more effective.
The Building Ear Brain Connections program is a marvellous combination of subtle and varied techniques which gently stretches and enhances your ear function in different ways. Each album addresses a different aspect of hearing, working both on the ear itself and the auditory brain pathways.

Recent research has shown that several aspects of the hearing can be enhanced by building better brain function.
Each album is 80 to 90 minutes in length

Album 1Calming the Ear, Bodin de Boismortier Sonatas for Bassoon & Continuo. This album contains frequencies that are soothing and will gently massage the ear while encouraging more responsiveness in a particular frequency range.
This album can be used repeatedly by anyone who may have difficulty adjusting to Sound Therapy or is having an adverse reaction such as tinnitus or hyperacusis (sound sensitivity.) It will help to habituate and prepare the ear for the more advanced albums.

Album 2Opening the Ear, Beethoven Chamber Music for Flute, Mozart Divertimento & Serenade. gradually introduces wider tonal fluctuations, giving the ear muscles a gentle workout, while simultaneously enticing the perception, through the auditory cortex, to stretch and open to higher frequencies. When the middle ear opens and becomes receptive to the high frequencies, these frequencies can then stimulate the inner ear and begin to activate the auditory neural pathways. This album is one of the most important steps in the program to prepare you to benefit from the albums that follow.

Album 3Listening Clarity, Mozart, concertos for Clarinet, flute and Harp, Quartets for flute and strings, Dupuy Quintet for Bassoon and strings. This music draws the listeners attention with beautiful melodies while gently increasing the range of perception of tones and frequencies. This album will assist you to hear more clearly in difficult situations and background noise.

Album 4Visualisation to Reduce Stress, Anxiety or Tinnitus. Read by Rafaele Joudry. Gluck: Orphee et Eurydice, Boccherini Guitar Quintet, Haydn Guitar Quartet, Vivaldi Concerto Excerpts, Bach Concerto, Largo. This Album is an important part of auditory healing. It applies the techniques of cognitive retraining to alter the role your conscious and unconscious mind play in stress or tinnitus. A 15 minute visualisation is followed by exquisite and calming Sound Therapy music.

Workbook for Building Ear-Brain Connections
This is an essential element of the program which makes it possible for listeners using this program at home in their own time to experience the full benefits and support that would be offered through clinical treatment.
It includes the following items:
In depth research articles, interactive activities to enhance hearing, visualisations, personalised assessments related to ear performance and a diary system to assist you and your consultant, plus a three month email Listener Support Program to help you stay on track.   

Listener Support Program for Building Ear Brain Connections
When you embark on a new Sound Therapy program it is helpful to have additional listening tips and reminders along the way. Our Building Ear Brain Connections Listener Support Program delivers emails for your first three months, tailored to the issues and questions usually experienced by people on this program. Sometimes a timely reminder or helpful tip about other peoples experience will give you the support and encouragement you need to keep you on track. This program keeps you linked in with the different treatment options and supportive exercises you can do. It introduces other forms of sensory stimulation or the latest visualisation techniques to further enhance your Sound Therapy listening.
If you have any concerns or questions you are also welcome to call and speak to one of our Qualified Health Consultants at any time during your Listener Support Program.

Screen Max 3 – 1 Year Warranty (Further information)

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