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Audio Activation (USA) – Lvl 3 Program


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  • Music Player – Sontegrity
  • Six hours of Sound Therapy Music
  • Audio Activation Program & Workbook – 4 albums on Sontegrity player
  • Three month Listener Support Program
  • Charger and carry case

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Natural Hearing Improvement Series

Natural Hearing Improvement Series Level 3

Audio Activation Program Level 3 — Intended for use after Level 2 of the Natural Hearing Improvement Series, this program introduces new techniques not previously used in Sound Therapy recordings.

  • Selections specifically target parts of the auditory system that require greater stimulation.
  • Certain selections are reinforced with a dual filtering process. A gently filtered passage is overlaid with a very stimulating and highly filtered track.
  • This results in the ear being opened and the relevant brain centres being stimulated simultaneously.

Take your ears stimulation to the next level to help restore their responsiveness. This program is helpful for enhancing high frequency perceptions and improving vestibular system function and balance and for stubborn hearing loss or tinnitus following industrial noise exposure.

When the ear has been damaged sound impulses are not reaching the brain correctly. This sensory deprivation can lead to further degradation of our experience of hearing. The Audio Activation program is designed to re-activate both the ear itself and the audio-neural connections.

Recent research has shown that high frequency sounds cause the stirrup muscle to move in a different way, introducing a new type of stimulation to the auditory pathways in the brain.

The Sontegrity Sound Therapy player is light, convenient and durable, and specially engineered to deliver the Sound Therapy high frequency spectrum. It comes preloaded with six hours of progressively filtered Sound Therapy music. The unique activation and filtering of the music, based on the ground breaking techniques developed by Dr Tomatis, delivers a powerful therapeutic program for the ears and brain.


This program consists of 4 albums, each approximately 80 to 90 minutes in length

Album 1 Awaken the Ear

Haydn Trios, Beethoven Trios, Boccherini Guitar, Concerto, Bach Suite, Mozart Piano Sonata.

This album contains frequencies that are soothing and will gently massage the ear while encouraging more responsiveness in a particular frequency range.

When the ear has been damaged by noise or other factors, there is limited response in its structures and nerve system to some sounds. This album is geared to gaining auditory attention so that parts of the auditory system that have been in effect “sleeping” may be prompted to respond and take notice.

Album 2 Ear Brain Tango

Haydn Symphony, Mozart Quartet, Mozart Piano, concertos.

Hearing is essentially a dance of give and take between the ear and brain. This is played out in this very active music which will get the cilia ‘dancing’ and sending rapid signals back and forth to various neural centres. Resonant harmonies are used to inspire greater activity in the auditory cortex.

Album 3 Earobics

Haydn Divertimentos, Telemann Flute and Harpsichord Sonatas, Mozart Quintet, Adagio and Fugue.

The auditory system becomes weakened through years of abuse or misuse. The absence of high frequency sounds is like malnutrition, for this is the food of the nervous system. Earobics is a concentrated ear work-out, training the ear muscles with ever more challenging frequencies.

Album 4 Audio-neural Activator with Full Spectrum

Mendelssohn Concerto for Piano and Strings, Mozart Flute Quartets.

A new advance in Sound Therapy was introduced by Patricia Joudry where certain selections are reinforced with a dual filtering process. On this album a gently filtered passage is overlaid with a very stimulating and highly filtered track to engage the activation of numerous neuronal pathways.


Workbook for Audio Activation

The Audio Activation Workbook will introduce specific audio training exercises for further awakening the auditory pathways and helping to overcome stubborn hearing loss or other difficulties related to poor auditory performance.

The activities in this workbook will support your Sound Therapy listening in four ways:

  1. Physical Stimulation
  2. Neurological Change
  3. Behaviour Change
  4. Increasing Understanding

It includes the following items:

The ongoing benefits of Sound Therapy, How hearing works, Noise exposure how dangerous is it?, Review research on brain plasticity, Overactive touch sensing nerve cells, Multi sensory plasticity, What is hearing loss, What is Meniere’s, Meniere’s and diet, Vestibular problems, How neural change works, Ear Acupuncture, Ear Pressure point massage, Why yoga helps, How the neck muscles affect hearing, Nutritional therapy for hearing loss prevention, Auditory processing & managing the sound we hear, What is hyperacusis, Hypersensitivity of hearing, What is tinnitus, What is Eustachian tube dysfunction, Why Meditation helps, The importance of Listening, Family support, Social support.

After following this program and using all the tools, you will have the resources to reach a deeper state of awareness and fulfillment within yourself.


Listener Support Program for Audio Activation

When you embark on a new Sound Therapy program it is helpful to have additional listening tips and reminders along the way. Our Audio Activation Listener Support Program delivers emails for your first three months, tailored to the issues and questions usually experienced by people on this program.

Natural Hearing Improvement requires adaptation on several levels: cognitive, emotional and physical. The interactive processes presented at the right stage of your listening will assist these important changes.

This program keeps you linked in with the different treatment options and supportive exercises you can do. It introduces other forms of sensory stimulation or the latest visualisation techniques to further enhance your Sound Therapy listening.

If you have any concerns or questions you are also welcome to call and speak to one of our Qualified Health Consultants at any time during your Listener Support Program.

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