About Patricia Joudry (1921-2000)

Patricia Joudry dedicated her life to helping others with their personal and spiritual development through her work.

Born in Spirit River, Alberta, Canada, Patricia carved out a successful career in radio in her twenties. As well as creating serious dramas for the stage she wrote the top rating radio comedy series The Aldrich Family. She then spent some years in England raising a family and devoted herself to esoteric study and more serious writing. Her published works include two novels: The Dweller on the Threshold, and The Selena Tree, two autobiographical books, And the Children Played and Spirit River to Angel’s Roost: Religions I have loved and left, and a non-fiction book, Twin Souls, co-authored with Dr. Maurie Pressman. She recently completed her autobiography, My Life as Patricia Joudry, soon to be published.

In 1984 she discovered Sound Therapy and wrote the original book on her discoveries: Sound Therapy for the Walkman. This book has now been updated and re-released with additions by her daughter, Rafaele Joudry. The new book is entitled: Sound Therapy: Music to Recharge your Brain.

Now in its tenth edition, this is the fascinating story of Patricia’s transformation through Sound Therapy.

Due to sound sensitivity, Patricia’s life was an obstacle course of fearsome noise. The resulting stress meant chronic exhaustion and years of insomnia. Unexpected events led to the discovery that changed her life. Just a few weeks of Sound Therapy meant peaceful sleep and a new breakthrough in energy she had never dreamed possible. Patricia’s self help Sound Therapy has helped thousands and found its way by word of mouth to over 45 countries.

Patricia spent her last years writing and leading a peaceful life in Canada‘s British Columbia.