Sound Therapy, A Treatment for Tinnitus and Hearing Loss

December 1, 2017 | Tinnitus

Sound Therapy International has been treating Tinnitus and Hearing loss effectively for the past 27 Years. Co-founder Rafaele Joudry has been providing Sound Therapy treatment to thousands of people in over 45 countries since 1990.


Sound Therapy for Tinnitus and Hearing Loss

Tinnitus is ringing in the ears or rushing , clicking, buzzing. Essentially, any sound in the ears that can only be heard by the person internally.

“The primary treatment which has been most effective for so many tinnitus sufferers is Sound Therapy.” By simply listening to the Sound Therapy program, thousands of patients over 27 years have experienced relief from their tinnitus symptoms and improvement to their hearing loss.

Hearing loss and Tinnitus is generally caused by progressive damage to the tiny muscles of the inner ear through many years of life, stress or accidents.

Our Sound Therapy program has seen extremely beneficial results in the quality of hearing for hearing loss and tinnitus sufferers. So much so that the partners of long-term hearing loss sufferers report having to be careful about what they say around their partners who can now hear them!

Some of our customers had suffered Tinitus or Hearing loss for 30, 40 or even 60 years before purchasing the Sound Therapy program!

What is Sound Therapy ?

Our particular Sound Therapy, based on the work of Doctor Alfred Tomatis, uses classical music which has been filtered through a particular process in order to rehabilitate the ear simply by listening to our specially formulated Sound Therapy recordings.

What happens when you listen to Sound Therapy, is that your ear and your whole auditory pathway up to the brain is gradually being rehabilitated by sound. With regular listening, the muscles in the ear and auditory pathways to the brain start to respond differently as they repair.


Our Sound Therapy program comes on a portable device so that you can just carry it with you and it won’t distract you from what you are doing in your daily life. The recordings are designed to be listened to at very low volume so that they are not distracting as you go about your day.

How Sound Therapy works

“ it’s like taking your ears to the gym!”

We have two tiny muscles in the inner ear, the hammer and the stirrup muscles. These two muscles play an important role in focusing and helping the ear to adjust to sound.  Damage to these inner ear muscles occurs in almost everyone through many years of life, stress or accidents. The result is that these ear muscles lose tonality. The Sound Therapy process fine tunes these inner ear muscles by exposing them to specially formulated high-frequency sounds. Sound Therapy is in effect exercising and re-toning the muscles of the inner ear. So we say “it’s like taking your ears to the gym!”

Oue specially programmed recordings deliver a different audio signal of louder and more high frequency sound into your right ear. This is because of the way the brain works with sound. For this reason the program must be listened to with headphones.

Hearing Conditions Helped By Sound Therapy

Fine tuning the muscles in the inner ear has many benefits and has been proven to assist in the following conditions ;

Tinnitus, Hearing Loss, Cocktail Party Syndrome’ (The inability to distinguish background noise from conversation

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Sound Therapy is A Proven, Effective Treatment for Tinnitus and Hearing Loss

“The primary treatment which has been most effective for so many tinnitus sufferers is Sound Therapy.”

For a long time, there was no treatment for tinnitus. It’s a very standard practice that most doctors and audiologists tell the client that nothing can be done for tinnitus and that you just have to learn to live with it. This is really unfortunate because it can be quite depressing for someone with Tinnitus to be told that and to believe they have no hope.

“When you have Tinnitus, the ear muscles are firing repetitively in the absence of sound. If that pathway gets stuck in the ‘on position’ and keeps firing repetitively without an external trigger that’s Tinnitus.

What happens when tinnitus sufferers use the Sound Therapy program is that it rebuilds normal pathways in the brain.

The Tinnitus disappears because you have rebuilt the correct sound pathway in the brain and the Brain has been able to let go of that repetitive firing tinnitus signal. What a relief!”

Sound Therapy significantly improves hearing loss by exercising the inner ear muscles, allowing the ear to regain its function of focusing on sounds and discerning conversation from background noise. The specially designed listening program, gradually rehabilitates the inner ear muscles, strengthening them so they can perform their function of controlling the ear mechanism to interpret sound into the brain.

Rafaele Joudry, Co-founder Sound Therapy International


Sound Therapy International Testimonials

People started writing to us and safe sound therapy is cured my tinnitus by 10 20 30 40 60 years has gone as a result of listening to the sound therapy.” Rafaele Joudry

“My hearing improves due to the fact that I can go to the cinema and going to parties and hear what other people actually saying. The Sound Therapy just fixed it.”

“My Tinnitus? I don’t know what it is”

“The decreasing tinnitus is something which is rather subtle it’s the sort of thing we suddenly you’re in a room or something like that new thing I can’t anymore” Noel – Airline Pilot

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If you would like to find out more about sound therapy and how you can get onto the program, please visit our website:

On our website, you will find lots of information on all the topics and different conditions our therapy can help you with.

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We backup our product with great service and we look forward to supporting you in your journey of healing with sound therapy


Other Benefits of Sound Therapy

Sound Therapy for enhancing brain function

Besides hearing and balance, our ears have another really important role which is to stimulate the brain with high frequencies.

This is not a widely known fact but high frequency sounds charge brain energy, whereas low frequency sounds discharge brain energy and tire us. When we hear high frequency sounds those high-frequency cells are actually bringing sound energy into different centers of the brain which enhances it’s functioning in many different areas.


Our patients have reported a wide range of benefits from listening to our Sound Therapy program over the past 27 years. From decreasing anxiety, Increases quality and amount of sleep, creating a feeling of well being, improving mental alertness, focus, and clarity.

After listening to Sound Therapy, people find a dramatic shift in their energy and virtually everyone reports having better quality of sleep. Some people say they have the deepest most profoundly beneficial sleep they have had in years, while chronic insomniacs find themselves sleeping like a baby. Even people who are generally good sleepers find they sleep more deeply and don’t need as much sleep. Many listeners get by on between 1 to 3 hours less sleep per night but feel energized, very positive and able to carry on with their lives, with better brain focus and function.

Brain conditions helped by Sound Therapy

  • Learning Difficulties
  • Autism
  • Lack of focus or clarity
  • Insomnia
  • Writer’s block

 Thousands of people in over 45 countries have unlocked their hearing and brain function by listening to our Sound Therapy program. Contact us today to start your healing journey.


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