Dr Donna Segal on Sound Therapy

Dr. Donna Segal has been a long-term colleague and collaborator with me and is one of our Sound Therapy Consultants in Indianapolis. As a Doctor of Audiology who teaches audiology students about tinnitus, she has a wealth of experience in this field. I had a chat with her recently and she shared her current thoughts on tinnitus treatment and where Sound Therapy fits in.
“I am focusing more and more on nutritional and holistic health. I find that tinnitus patients often have numerous health issues, and I explain to them that the tinnitus is a symptom showing you that your body is out of balance”.
I always offer Sound Therapy first for tinnitus patients. Other more narrowly focused tinnitus treatments don’t compare to Sound Therapy as this is something that supports the system for healing on many levels. It’s a multi-level system instead of targeting just one system.
It doesn’t require any extensive testing and can be used for years and years. I believe in it so much based on what I have observed with patients as well as my personal experience with it in my life. I really notice the difference on a day when I don’t use it.
I say to people “I’ve got it on now while I’m talking to you on the phone!”
As an audiologist, and for the layperson, the information that is available on tinnitus can be quite overwhelming to sift through. Many approaches can have a narrow focus and do not often address the deeper sources of the currently present symptoms. I start teaching my doctoral level tinnitus class again next month and I’m adding new things about bringing the body back to balance. I recently came upon a book on Qi Gong and depression which I will be drawing on as it gives students a deep understanding of the associated symptoms that people with tinnitus experience The scientific research supports the physiological benefits when using ancient therapeutic approaches like Qi-Gong to assist in bringing the body into balance.
When people contact me about tinnitus I try to find out if they are committed to embarking on a healing journey. I counsel patients that this process requires commitment and patience. There is not a quick fix or treatment that will get rid of the tinnitus in a certain period of time. It is again a multi-faceted process when looking at each person and what symptoms that each present. I look at the nutrition, the energy systems, the whole being and listening and observing how each person is thinking and relating to their perception of tinnitus. Sound Therapy is the first step as it helps create a receptive system for any other treatments. I work with people nutritionally and using other energy techniques to tailor a program to their specific needs
Sound Therapy is a great system – I’m just very grateful for it. Over the years the more you use it you go deeper and deeper.
One of my favorite programs is Resolve and Release – Level 2 in the Emotional Intelligence Series. It’s a very powerful program and I find if people have issues that need to come up – they will come up! This can assist the therapeutic process where people are working on deeper issues. Sometimes these emotional issues can be a big part of tinnitus including anxiety, stress, sleeplessness and how we manage our relationships. Sound Therapy supports healing in these areas too, and this certainly makes it unique among tinnitus programs!”
Dr Donna Segal can be contacted via her website

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