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We Scientifically Treat Your Hearing With The Latest In Sound Therapy Technology

For many men and women who’ve had loud workplaces in the past (like industry, farming or sometimes even offices), they’ve been told that their constant ringing or buzzing in their ears is difficult to treat.

This often means sufferers simply stop enjoying the wonderful things in life like spending time with friends or family, going to the movies or even listening to music at home.

It doesn’t have to be this way though. Thanks to Sound Therapy, there is effective relief available.

Stop or Reduce The Painful Ringing
Without Drugs, Surgery Or Hearing Aids

Whilst there are a small number of treatments out there that claim to solve Tinnitus, there are risks associated with some of them. Taking sedatives certainly isn’t a healthy option and surgery can sometimes cause more damage than good due to the intricate workings of the inner ear.

Hearing aids don’t always solve the problem either, they just make it easier to hear when many Tinnitus sufferers want more ‘quiet’.

Sound Therapy is different to all of these things. It promotes restoration of the inner ear mechanisms while creating new neural pathways to the brain for overall improved hearing.

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Easily Treat Yourself At Home, Simply By Listening To Music

By listening to specially filtered sound that stimulates the mechanisms of the inner ear, it has been found that the nerves of the inner ear ‘fire’ in new ways, creating regenerated pathways to the brain. And in turn, the brain sends messages back that improve the function of the inner ear as well.

We’ve been successfully treating sufferers for over 20 years. In that time we’ve helped thousands to not only relieve tinnitus but enhance their hearing too, while also improving their overall wellbeing through increased focus, deeply restful sleep and a profound sense of inner peace.

Those with tinnitus can also suffer from:

  • Dizziness or vertigo attacks
  • Chronic blocked ear or pressure ear
  • Difficulty hearing in noisy places
  • Sound sensitivity

If this is you, and you have not found a solution to these issues, be assured that Sound Therapy is very effective in treating all of these unusual ear conditions too.

Sound Therapy Has So Many Great Benefits

  • It’s for all ages, from young children to the elderley
  • It’s easily affordable as it’s less than 1/10th the cost of clinic based treatments
  • You can do it anywhere, anytime as the sound works at low volume so you can still work, rest, play or study while doing it
  • Plus there are many other associated benefits such as balance improvement, better quality sleep, focus, memory and more.
  • Tailored programs to suit your own personal needs
  • Long term use for long term results – our program gives you the benefits for many years to come
  • You don’t need to concentrate, use any skills or practice, you can simply press ‘play’ and start getting the benefits
  • Program is self-help based so you can do it in your own time without appointments to keep but we’re always available for help and advice at any time you need us
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We’ve Helped So Many People Hear,
Feel and Think Better…

I suffered from Tinnitus for several years until it reached the stage where it was difficult to go to sleep. I consulted a doctor who advised that there was nothing that could be done to cure the problem. My wife then brought me your Sound Therapy program. After several months the annoyance had abated considerably and for years now I haven’t the slightest sign of it returning.

Thanking you for your incalculable assistance in the past.

Nevell Phelps, Moree, NSW, Australia

After less than sixty hours of listening, suddenly, incredibly, new sounds were singing in my ears. I am now acutely conscious of sound, all sound, including my own voice, which I can now control.

Further amazement came... I have always required eight hours of heavy-duty sleep. Now I often wake up in the night, after only three to four hours sleep, snap my eyes open, stretch and feel ready to tackle whatever may be coming my way.

Linda Taylor Anderson, Florida, USA

About four years ago I started getting ringing in the left ear, followed by light-headedness dizzines. Sometimes I couldn't stand without falling. This I was getting once or twice a month, soon twice a week and not long later three or four times a day. My doctor told me I had Meniere's Syndrome, and said I would just have to put up with it...

Then I heard about Sound Therapy and started the program. Now, four later, I have no light-headedness and dizziness, and the ringing in my left ear has gone. The hearing in my left ear had also improved.

Darrell Johnson, Saskatcewan, Canada

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