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We Scientifically Treat Your Brain And Nervous System With The Latest In Sound Therapy Technology

Anxiety, stress and depression affect over 45% of people at some time in their lives, so you are not alone if you are dealing with these issues. So many stresses build up in our busy lives (pressure of study, work, finances or family) and sometimes there are no easy answers.

This can mean that you spiral down into overwhelm, stress and anxiety, not knowing where to turn for help.

It doesn’t have to be this way though. Thanks to Sound Therapy, there is now an easy option to bring you relief.

Rediscover Your Natural Joy in Life Without Drugs, Counselling or Invasive Treatments

Whilst many practitioners may offer help for anxiety and depression, anti-anxiety medications can have negative health effects that most people would rather avoid. Counselling is not always quick and simple, and requires a long term investment of time and money.

Electronic methods such as ECT or Deep Brain Stimulation, while they may be effective, would only be considered for very severe disorders.

Sound Therapy is different to all of these things. It promotes restoration of the nervous system by gently activating certain brain centres to create overall wellbeing and positive mental states.

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Easily Treat Yourself At Home, Simply By Listening To Music

By listening to specially filtered music that stimulates the mechanisms of the inner ear, it has been found that many parts of the nervous system are activated in new ways, creating regenerated pathways to the brain. This changes the brain’s ability to respond to stress while activating certain brain centres which create positive emotion.

We’ve been successfully treating sufferers for over 20 years. In that time we’ve helped thousands to not only relieve anxiety, depression and insomnia but to improve relationships and communication while enhancing overall wellbeing through increased focus, energy, creativity and a profound sense of inner peace.

Sound Therapy Has So Many Great Benefits

  • It’s for all ages, from young children to the elderly
  • It’s easily affordable as it’s less than 1/10th the cost of clinic based treatments
  • You can do it anywhere, anytime as the sound works at low volume so you can still work, rest, play or study while listening.
  • Plus there are many other associated benefits such as balance improvement, better quality sleep, focus, memory and more.
  • Tailored programs to suit your own personal needs
  • Long term use for long term results – our program gives you the benefits for many years to come
  • You don’t need to concentrate, use any skills or practice, you can simply press ‘play’ and start getting the benefits
  • Program is self-help based so you can do it in your own time without appointments to keep but we’re always available for help and advice at any time you need us
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We’ve Helped So Many People Relax, Feel and Think Better…

Sound Therapy has given me more than I could have asked for or expected, I have suffered serious Post Natal Depression for almost 18 months involving hospital and loads of medication but in the last couple of months I can confidently say that my mental health has been free from the dark and frightening choke hold on my daily life and I have felt fantastically normal for the first time in what feels like years. Where has Sound Therapy been all my life!?

Y Hibbins, VIC, Australia

My husband says I seem to not get upset anymore with anything. I have had depression in my life where you don’t have the energy to care anymore as opposed to caring but not letting it get to you. That’s stuff I didn’t even expect from the program which is extremely valuable to me. I'm so happy, so grateful, thank you so much.

I was told basically you're on drugs for the rest of your life. I'm too stubborn to believe that. To me this Sound Therapy is the biggest de-stressor that I've ever encountered. It’s a peace, just taking that bad energy out of my body. My husband sees it.

Rhonda Bowen, VIC, Australia

… I also found so many other benefits [of Sound Therapy] I was frankly knocked over by it. I seem to get a bit anxious in company if I have to do public speaking etc. I used to occasionally have panic attacks. I found I was able to cope much better with crowded surroundings and especially with the panic attacks as well. I couldn't drive very far from home without a concern like that. Particularly if I had to do a lot of speaking in public. I found I was able to do it without getting the attacks.


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